HiJacked! The Missing Malaysian Plane Might Have Been Hijacked



Update: 10/13/14: 

(Reuters) – Satellites picked up faint electronic pulses from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 after it went missing on Saturday, but the signals gave no information about where the stray jet was heading and little else about its fate, two sources close to the investigation said on Thursday.

But the “pings” indicated its maintenance troubleshooting systems were switched on and ready to communicate with satellites, showing the aircraft, with 239 people on board, was at least capable of communicating after losing touch with air traffic controllers.

India’s navy has set up a search zone into the Indian Ocean based on U.S. concerns that the plane flew west for hours.

Little is being made of the report by the Vietnamese fisherman who said he saw the plane flying low and flying west. The plane would be low if it were trying to avoid radar.

If the plane flew for five hours, it could have flown as much as 2500 miles.

USA Today has a chronology on this link.



Original Story: Was the missing Malaysian plane hijacked so its passengers can be used as pawns at some future date?

The debris found in the South China Sea is not the missing Malaysian plane, MH370, and it is now believed the plane was airborne for 4 hours after it disappeared, giving it a range of 2,200 nautical miles from where it was last seen. U.S. officials now fear it has been hijacked and flown to a mystery location.

Malaysian officials say there is no evidence the plane flew for hours after the last contact.

Data downloaded from the engines suggest it flew for five hours after takeoff, according to unnamed U.S. officials speaking with the Wall Street Journal. Counter-terrorism officials now believe the pilot, or someone, turned off the transponders.

Pakistan and the Arabian Sea are just within range based on this new calculation.

The Wall Street Journal broke the new developments after talking with two unofficial sources familiar with the American investigation – raising new questions about what happened to the jet which disappeared without trace at around 1.30 am early on Saturday morning en-route to Beijing.