Hilary Rosen Is Unknown to the White House As She Declares War on Women


Hilary Rosen represents the Democratic Party well – it’s the Party of Stereotyping. If you are rich, you are evil. If you are white, you hate minorities. If you are a cop, you act stupidly. If you are against abortion, you are against women. If you are a Republican, you are at war with women and if you are a stay-at-home mom, you are stupid.

Hilary Rosen thinks stay-at-home moms are too stupid to give economic advice –

Ann Romney showing her intelligence and class –

Jay Carney knows three Hilary Rosens – he knows nothing –

Hilary Rosen visited the White House 35 times.[National Review Online] She works for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz [Washington Examiner]

Hilary Rosen thinks Mitt Romney is using his wife as an economic surrogate as Rosen back pedals and continues to fight the faux war on women. She still doesn’t believe Mitt should be allowed to consult in any way with his obviously intelligent wife. I don’t think Romney was going to appoint his wife as a czar. Hilary Rosen meant exactly what she said as can be gleaned from this next angry outburst and her left-handed apology. The Democrats probably thought this line of attack would be effective. In any case, Rosen was thrown under the bus where she belongs and, about that, she says, “it’s politics.” –

President Obama and Michelle Obama came out in defense of Ann Romney.

Romney said that Obama has destroyed the economy for women –

Newsmax:Women have been hit the hardest by the massive job losses under President Barack Obama — a fact that gives lie to the allegation that Republicans have launched a “war on women,” GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney said Wednesday.

Women have lost nine out of every 10 jobs that have disappeared during the Obama administration, said Romney, who now looks to be the president’s opponent in the November elections. Female unemployment has risen by 16 percent since Obama entered the White House in 2009, up from 5 million to 5.8 million, he said.

“Women in particular have been hurt by this president,” Romney told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum.

“He’s lost 800,000 jobs during his presidency and, by the way, do you know what percentage of those jobs lost were lost by women? Over 92 percent.

“His policies have been really a war on women,” said Romney

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