Hilda Solis Hates Teabaggers


It was only days ago when First Lady, Michelle Obama, launched a full-out assault on Republicans during a hobnobbing outing with the 1% on Davis Island, Florida. For the first time in American history, a first lady launched a raging assault on her husband’s opponents. Maybe they should change her title from First Lady to Presidential Prima Donna. Amazingly, the 1%ers present, who are despised by her husband, applauded her, but we do live in an upside down U.S. right now. I guess she’s not proud of us any longer. She sure doesn’t countenance disagreement.

Now we have Hilda Solis, Department of Labor Secretary, viciously attacking Obama’s opponents with vulgar references. Speaking at a luncheon on Saturday, Solis insulted Republicans and praised Obama’s vividly unsuccessful economic policies. Taking it a step further, she railed against the tea party movement, called them “teabaggers” and vowed that Obama and his administration will take them on. One has to wonder if she knows the definition of a “teabagger.”

“I’ll be darned if I’m going to set that aside now because a few teabaggers want to somehow muzzle my voice,” Solis said. “We don’t have to sit back and allow a minority in the Congress, known as the tea party, to dominate the discussion in our households.”

Assumingly, Obama and his bots will take them on through his supporters such as the fleabaggers aka OWSers.

Wasserman-Schultz repeated Solis’ refrain, “These fanatics are destroying our state and our country and the contrast between their agenda and ours has never been more stark.”  Yeah, those seniors on lawn chairs with U.S. flags are pretty extreme if you are a left wing radical.

Al Tawana Brawley Sharpton had harsh words for Congress, “If you won’t get the jobs bill done in the suite, we will get the jobs bill done in the street!”

There was a lot of chanting and foot stomping as one would expect from the Obama OWSSunshine State News