Hillary-Obama Admin: No Whites, Jews, Christians Need Apply


The Obama administration and the potential future Clinton administration are racist and they are hiring people using a blatantly illegal system.

In document 28660, we find that Christians, Jews and/or whites need not apply. We don’t hire the best candidates for the job, we hire foreigners and minorities. Some of them can’t even survive a vetting process but they are on the list anyway.

These people are social engineers. We used to condemn them, now we elect them.

This came from Gayle Smith, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director at the National Security Council, and went to John Podesta, Clinton campaign director and close ally of George Soros.


In one email, Team Clinton refers to people online as “Internet dwellers”, but it is clear after all that they – the Clinton elites – don’t respect “everyday Americans”.

Hillary is a racist and puts people in “food groups” or “baskets”.

Hillary Used the “N” Word and 7 Other Racist Comments