Hillary and Liz: Two Shrews on the Trail to Get Another Socialist Globalist in the White House…videos


These two need to skip the Bobbsey Twin outfits. They’re a couple of phonies who take money from Wall Street and pretend they are tough on Wall Street. All this administration did was widen the divide between the middle class and the rich. Of course Frank Paulsen likes Hillary.

Elizabeth Warren ranted on the trail with her fellow shrew Hillary today, concentrating on the politics of envy and hate.  I’d hate to see this woman with her own guillotine. She said Trump will “crush you into the dirt to get what he wants.” She’s quite a vicious little Fauxahontas.

Who has been crushing us into the ground for the last nearly eight years? The leftists have. Our economy and our politics are a mess. Our policies are boundlessly stupid and ineffective but the one thing about haters and statists is they can’t learn from mistakes and they can’t reverse course. This is all they have to offer. Warren is an ineffective senator who makes a name for herself in order to insult corporations and Hillary slept through her tenure as Senator. We all know how she did as secretary of state between her visits to spas and giving lectures on the rights of women. Now she has her Tampon Twitter campaign going on as she appeals to the dumbest women in this country.

Warren pulled the poor Hillary victim routine. Hillary is just a victim as if that harsh, tough, nasty liar could be anyone’s victim.

Did the right-wing hide her emails and take donations from nations that have abysmal human rights records? Who sold our uranium mine to the Russians and our secrets to China? Who makes her lie every day?

I love this one where Fauxahontas and Hillary the shrew blame Republicans and Trump for the Democrat devastation of college costs. Their horrendous policies of free government money is what made it so bad.

These dopes are going to forgive these loans on our backs for votes. Count on it. They won’t stop giving away freebies until they crush us into the ground and get what they want.

Hillary and Warren continually say that we are stronger together when we work together. Of course that’s often true. It’s nice to have others to lift us up and to engage in team work. That doesn’t mean collectivism and “you didn’t build that.”

The quote comes mostly from the Bible, Thessalonians:

The Day of the Lord
…10 He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with Him. 11 Therefore encourage and build one another up, just as you are already doing. 12 But we ask you, brothers, to acknowledge those who work diligently among you, who preside over you in the Lord and give you instruction.…

In a related statement from 2 Corinthians 12:19:
Have you been thinking all along that we were making a defense to you? We speak before God in Christ, and all of this, beloved, is to build you up.

It was religious, not political. It was about how to treat others to get to heaven, not to give handouts which teach people that we must envy the hard working who succeed and take our entitlements from them in what amounts to legalized theft.

Don’t we all know that Hillary will forgive all college loans and teach generations of youth that they can blow other peoples’ money on their education, abandon their debt that they were obligated to pay, on the backs of those who produced.

What an ethic!

In addition to her shrewish speech, Hillary has crazy eyes. I had a crazy German Shepherd with eyes like that once and we had to put him down. Warren is more of the same.

Tell me what is not far-left about these two. They are revolutionary Socialist who if given the next four years, will make us an amoral, social injustice, controlled society of human social engineers who kill babies to the moment of birth. They will make us all pay for it. The spending will continue and our debt will become unsustainable. Foreigners will pour in at a rate that will not allow assimilation and we will be told to adapt All that we believe in and are will be gone.

No nation can survive without believing in something. I believe in our Constitution, our Rule of Law, limited government, and providing OPPORTUNITIES for all.

I just put up an article about the out-of-control welfare system they will make of the Internet. You can hear Hillary blabber about free Internet at our expense in between her coughing problem.

She’s going to make Socialist unions all-powerful and destroy corporations.

What a joke. Trump took nothing from Wall Street but Hillary does, Elizabeth Warren does.

These people want money and power. They don’t give a hoot about you.