Hillary Campaign Couldn’t Be Prouder of Their Money Laundering Foundation


Robby Mook, Hillary’s campaign manager, told Carol Costello on CNN’s Newsroom that the Clinton campaign couldn’t be prouder of what the Foundation has achieved.

“The Clinton Foundation has saved lives and changed lives throughout our world. And the Clintons could not be more proud of what that foundation has accomplished. What Donald Trump is trying to do is bully and intimidate. We’re seeing his erratic temperament at play here. This is why he is such a danger to our country. Not just to our economy, but to our security and to our values, and Secretary Clinton talked about this last night. Parents are afraid to have their children watch him on television. They don’t know what he’ll say, the insults, the words he’ll use. This is not someone who should be serving as our commander in chief. We’ll see it on display next week.”

Nice spin!

Hillary only succeeded in destroying one country – Libya – but she made a good try at Egypt and others. She saved nothing.

We’re proud of her too and have listed some of the accomplishments.

  1. A $2 million ‘charitable’ donation went from the Clinton charitable organization to a company owned by a woman rumored to be “The Energizer” for Bill, the New York Post reports. There is no doubt the money went from the Foundation to this close, really close friend, of Bill’s.
  2. Charles Ortel is exposing all the times they broke the law. The FBI is investigating the sketchy money laundering foundation.
  3. The Foundation teamed up with a corrupt college mill out to suck the money from young innocent students.
  4. Let’s not forget the $100 million in donations from human rights violators. The Clintons are taking a fortune from foreign entities who want to influence the US.
  5. They spend the money on promoting themselves and Hillary’s political ambitions.
  6. She’s getting rich off the world! She can show us how to corrupt the entire world!
  7. Getting rich off unethical, corrupt business dealings is a real skill.

Hillary Is Hiding Her Real Scandal