Hillary Claims Historic Victory as First Presidential Candidate Under FBI Investigation



Hillary made history tonight as the first woman to run for office while under FBI investigation for compromising national security.

She is the first candidate to have more than twenty years of scandals behind her, including but not limited to the Rose Law Firm scandal in 1992, the Whitewater Scandal of 1992, Travelgate in 1993, Clinton’s controversial cattle futures in 1994, the use of the Lincoln Bedroom around the 1996 elections, Chinagate in 1996, Filegate from the same year, her 2008 remarks about  once landing under sniper fire, her handling of the Benghazi terror attacks in 2012, her speeches to Wall Street firms, the sketchy Clinton Foundation, and the ongoing scandal surrounding her email server.

She has had no accomplishments she can name or anyone can name and has failed in every position she has had and she has caused harm for every country she has been involved with, especially Libya.

The ex-Mrs. Schwarzenegger thinks it’s historic for a different reason.

Hillary’s banal speech Tuesday night was clearly leaning Socialist with the promise of freebies and collectivism – it takes a village, she said. The Wall Street benefactor talked about Main Street.

The Obama economy Hillary is defending creates one job for every 8,000 people. Where is she going to get money for debt-free college, Single Payer healthcare, and all the other benefits she wants to give out? She attacked the rich but they don’t have enough money to pay for it no matter how much she steals. She thinks they have a nerve keeping so much of their money and she will decide how much they get to keep.

She preaches about income inequality in an $12,500 Armani suit.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is meeting with Bernie Sanders on Thursday, undoubtedly to tell him to drop out.