Hillary Clinton Book: How to Delete Emails and Stay Out of Jail



The FBI is now in possession of Hillary Clinton’s server which they picked up Wednesday but they say it was wiped clean with a 2014 update. One has to wonder if she got that from the book she ordered in 2009. It has a chapter on how to delete emails and stay out of jail.

The last release of Hillary Clinton emails in July by the State Department includes an email from Clinton asking to borrow a book called, “Send: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better,” by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe.

The book focuses on giving advice on when and how to use email. A lot of the book deals with nuances in using language, appellations, and so on. If you follow everything they lay out, you will be in danger of writing unnatural, phony emails.

It’s interesting that Hillary would be concerned about tiny issues like how to protect oneself from criticism after sending an email when she  didn’t give a hoot about the Top Secret and Secret information she received from the government.

It’s surprising to me that there is even a question about whether or not she had Top Secret emails on her server.

She said everything was on her private server and as Secretary of State, of course she received Top Secret emails. Therefore, there were Top Secret emails on her server.

ABC News downloaded the book, as did I, and Chapter Six is titled, “The Email That Can Land You In Jail.” The chapter includes a section entitled “How to Delete Something So It Stays Deleted.”

The authors tell the reader to delete it, then delete the trash, and finally use a secure delete or a rewriting program. It seems the rewriting program is what Hillary used on her server, the one the FBI seized.

If Hillary used the government servers, she never would have been able to permanently delete anything.

One line says, “We presume that you are not a criminal or a conspirator.” How wrong that assumption was!

The book also has tips on how to not look like your hiding something.

Chapter Six discusses the fact that companies are actively monitoring employee emails. That’s something she was probably very concerned about and one reason why she used a private server. She wanted to be in complete control, especially of her legacy.

On page 215, the authors list “Stupid (and Real) Email Phrases That Wound Up in Court.” Number one on the list? “DELETE THIS EMAIL!’ Later, on page 226, the writers warn, “If you’re issued a subpoena, your deletion binge will only make you look guilty.”

Hillary violated the law by using her own private email account and a private server for government emails and then violated the law by erasing the emails.

It’s doubtful Hilary will be indicted. She will just say she didn’t know anything about anything.  She won’t drop out of the race either.

Her emails could well be in the hands of our enemies and she could be compromised but what difference…at this point…does it make?

Read the abc news report here.


  1. I personally can’t stand any Clinton, just to type the name makes me physical ill, but the flattering picture reminds me of the cat that ate the canary. Who me? You got it all wrong! When in my teen years I got into a lie, my parents knew I was lying, so my father once told me this old saying, “When we deceive, oh what a tangled web we weave’. Kind of fits eh?

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