Hillary Clinton Dodges Benghazi Hearings With a Convenient Concussion



Hillary Clinton won’t be able to testify at the Benghazi hearings this week because she fainted and when she fell, she sustained a concussion. She’ll work at home this week and will be recovered immediately after the Benghazi hearings. She is expected back at work the week after the hearings.

The White House will send other reps to testify.

The convenience of this is mind boggling. Talk about coincidences. Is this the equivalent of the “dog ate my homework” excuse?

I’m surprised she just didn’t go back to Peru or travel to Australia for a wine tasting. Surely someone wants to have tea with her in Zimbabwe?

John Kerry was deeply concerned about her sudden misfortune which will only incapacitate her during the time she was supposed to testify at the Benghazi hearings.

He said in a statement that she would not appear to testify:

“Secretary Clinton’s team contacted Senator Kerry this morning to inform them of the Secretary’s concussion. Senator Kerry was relieved to hear that the Secretary is on the mend, but he insisted that given her condition, she could not and should not appear on Thursday as previously planned, and that the nation’s best interests are served by the report and hearings proceeding as scheduled with senior officials appearing in her place,” Seth said.

The woman, named after Sir Edmond Hillary who no one heard of when she was born, has been through sniper fire and now this.

Here she is dodging sniper fire:

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