Hillary Clinton Must Have Thought Benghazi Wasn’t in Libya


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Hillary Clinton told a town hall audience this week that “We didn’t lose a single person in Libya.” She failed to mention the four men who lost their lives in Benghazi thanks to her incompetence.

She also doesn’t seem to understand that she destroyed Libya. Libya isn’t perfect, she said, but they’ve “had two elections that were free and fair, where they voted for moderates.”

The country isn’t even a failed state, it’s a totally destroyed state as a direct result of her actions and Barack Obama’s actions.

She said that “Changing from a dictator who has hollowed out your country to something resembling a functioning state and even hopefully more of a democratic one.” Actually the exact opposite is true. The country was one of the healthiest in Africa but now it’s a base of operations and a way station for ISIS militants traveling to Italy. Al Qaeda has staked out territory as well.

As a side note, the Gaddafi army and his arsenal of weapons were used to attack Mali and some ended up in Syria and elsewhere because Obama and Hillary had no plan to secure them.

Hillary and Barack pushed for the Muslim Brotherhood to take part in the government even as they were destroying the puppet government we put in place.


At least she didn’t say they were “bumps in the road” as Barack suggested.

On another occasion, Barack told Jon Stewart that the deaths of Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods Jr and Ambassador Stevens were “not optimal.”

Hillary and Barack told us the so-called Libyan uprising was a “spontaneous uprising” but that was a lie.

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Hillary outdid herself with this comment. It’s one gaffe after another.

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