Hillary Clinton Suddenly Found Her Copy of the Constitution


hillaryHillary Clinton, who has said repeatedly and said again during the last debate, that she will rule by executive order, dishonoring our constitution, thinks Republicans who don’t replace Justice Scalia while the Marxist-in-Chief is in power, are dishonoring the Constitution.

In the next video she is in one debate saying we all want illegal immigration reform and she will use executive orders to make it happen. She knows it’s not within the president’s authority – she’s a lawyer.


Hillary Clinton has already suggested Barack Obama for the Supreme Court.

When an attendee at one of her events suggested Barack, she responded with glee.

“Wow, what a great idea. No one has ever suggested that to me, I love that, wow,” Mrs. Clinton said. “He may have a few other things to do, but I tell you, that’s a great idea.

“I mean, he’s brilliant, he can set forth an argument and he was a law professor,” she added. “So he’s got all the credentials, but we would have to get a Democratic Senate to get him confirmed.”

Both Hillary and Obama, if given the chance, would appoint a Muslim or a black person, perhaps a woman, so they could accuse the Republicans of bigotry if they object.