Hillary Clinton Uses Campaign Donations to Pay Herself a Lot of Money



Hillary Clinton is generously paying herself to run for the presidency with money from her campaign. She paid herself $254,447 since the launch of her campaign less than a year ago.

Hillary is the only candidate paying herself out of campaign donations but she doesn’t want to end up in poverty again. It’s not illegal like so many of her other activities.

She and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House. Hopefully this quarter million dollars will keep her solvent. Together, they only have about a hundred and ten million dollars. How ever do they do all they do on such a pittance?

She sounded like she was going to cry when she recalled how dead broke she was.

Hillary can always give speeches to corporations currying favor to keep her out of the poor house. Her corporate sponsors pay her well.

The following is via The Federalist Papers.


And here are more of her top donors according to The Washington Post. Check out who they are, especially George Soros.

1. Haim and Cheryl Saban; media executive and women’s advocate/author – $2,046,600

2. Barbara F. Lee, women’s advocate/philanthropist – $1,120,919

3. Plumbers & Pipefitters Union, labor union – $1,092,400

4. George Soros, hedge fund executive – $1,064,200 and MSNBC reported that George Soros gave $6 million to the leading super PAC backing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in December.

5. Stephen Silberstein, co-founded software company Innovative Interfaces – $1,049,000

6. Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg; DreamWorks Animation chief executive and philanthropist – $1,034,500

7. S. Donald Sussman, hedge fund executive – $1,031,900

8. Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw; film director and actor – $1,027,000

9. J.J. Abrams and Katie McGrath; television producer and chief strategy officer – $1,012,350

10. Fair Share Action, Denver-based advocacy group – $1,005,000

11. Herbert and Marion Sandler; former savings and loan executives – $1,002,700

12. David and Beth Shaw; hedge fund executive and author – $828,400

13. Patricia Stryker; liberal activist and philanthropist – $755,000

14. Mark Heising and Elizabeth Simons; private-equity executive and philanthropist – $522,300

15. John and Marcia Goldman; philanthropists – $509,400

16. Roger Altman and Jurate Kazickas; investment banker and former journalist – $300,600

17. Marc and Jane Nathanson; investor and family therapist – $272,600

18. James and Alexis Pugh; construction executive and advertising consultant – $270,800

19. Morgan Carrington Jr. and Amy Fowler; agriculturalist and author – $266,516

20. Barrett Toan and Polly O’Brien; former health-care executive and philanthropist – $256,600

Source: Free Beacon



  1. This rag or “news” service must be so jealous, no one would pay anyone there $5.00 for a speech on any subject. The way we look at it is, Wow, Hillary Clinton must be very, very good. Look at what these top firms and philanthropic groups are willing to pay her. But then that just me.

  2. these are not contributions but speaking fees….if they write you a check that is a contribution but if she gets up there and recites the ABCs and they pay her that is her money….now tell us all about the honesty and integraty of the GOP that would never think of calling their speaking fees private money but would put it all into the contribution fund…yes tell us we are ready to believe you NOT!

  3. Hillary takes $250 K over more than a year? The author doesn’t note whether is is for expenses or a salary with a W2 ?
    Meanwhile Trump take $6 million in a month and pays it to his golf clubs, family and business’s.

    • She’s worth tens of millions and is taking it from her campaign. She gets paid astronomical amounts from Wall Street for her boring speeches….come on grindle.

      • Proof? Speaking fees from before declaring for the Presidency are income and reported on her taxes. Why are you against people making money?

        Campaign expenses must be itemized. I don’t see a single item marked “Clinton” yet $millions of entries in Trump’s campaign expenses to Trump enterprises.

  4. I don’t understand why many are complaining about the money she was making by doing speehes. Upon exiting the white house they needed jobs. So, what the hell is wrong with that? Would it have been better if they sold drugs OR accepted NRA hush monies lime the senate/congress are doing? Pleassssse

  5. No matter what u say in her defense she is still a crook and should be indicted for malfeasance in public office. She took millions from middle east leaders. The payback of course will be favors. They have already started. Her use of the clinton foundation to launder the foreign funds are criminal. As part of obamas minions she will continue his destruction of America. A vote for her is a vote for evil….she conspired to have her state department staff in Benghazi murdered by not giving them military support. Sadly people will still support her…especially women whom apparently do not care that her friends at Planned Parenthood kill over 350,000 babies each year. 36% being black. Clinton agrees that this is a way to control the growth of black and poor and handicapped. She is a hypocrite as well.

    • 36% being black? What was your point on that? I’m sure by your numbers that the white % was higher so don’t inclu s e that as a racist thing here

    • I’m in the hospital right now and can’t google it for you but have posted it on my site and it has been in the mainstream media. I believe Sanders mentioned it.

      • Of course, there is always an excuse when it comes to you people! Get over yourself. Hillary Clinton made money with speeches as a private citizen, nothing even remotely illegal there. Try again!

        • Her speeches are boring, uninformative and were given to people who overpaid because they want favors and she gives them. She even overcharged universities while ranting about high tuition rates.

          • I attended one of the speeches on this list in March 2013. She was an excellent speaker, full of stories about her experiences. I asked her a question and her response was engaging. The firm I was with wanted no favors and received no favors. Unless you attended one, you have no right to characterize them the way you did.

            • I’ve been to one – she’s was awful, told the audience of Wall streeters how great they were and let them know she was there for them.

  6. I think if she knew love …and what loyalty
    Was supposed to be.. She would have divorce her husband a long time ago..
    She selling her soul to the highest bidder..
    Trying to fill that black void in her heart.
    Now she doesn’t care about a after life everdently ..and became the scam artists
    And the world’s greatest conniving bitch..

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