Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices Gets Slammed on Amazon



Hard Choices copy

Hillary Clinton’s new memoir Hard Choices only sold 48,000 copies in the second week, down 43.9% from the first week. The publisher who advanced her $14 million isn’t going to get his money back much less make money.

The book is getting panned on Amazon. There were 215 five stars and 715 gave it one star.

One star comments:

…Excruciatingly Boring, Overly Long, Insipid Pabulum

…Just a bunch of self promoting hype. What a waste of money and time. I was hoping for some truth and revelation here.

…A heaping bunch of nonsense that paints a false character of who she is in real life. Obviously, the book is tailored for her potential run. I’ve seen 3-5 books about Hillary Clinton on the shelves, even one with just quotes, it’s getting ridiculous. She is nothing of a leader, I have no earthly idea how she is even remotely qualified.

…No matter how you feel about Hillary, this book is boring and very poorly written. It’s not worth reading unless you need something to put you to sleep.

…Not much substance, nothing new and nothing really gritty either. I would not waste my money here, nor would I recomend it


Here is an example of some five star comments:

…There is no choice required here: The absolute best fiction ever written! Even the cover is an airbrush. But what difference does it make?

…Yes, the finest fantasy literature in the 21st century. Don’t make the mistake the person who gave me the book and think it’s a work on current events. This historical/theatrical masterpiece will make you want more after only 800 plus pages. The characters are life like, the locations just smashing and the style captivating. DO NOT throw your money away on any other book. Buy several copies of Hilary’s book, it is a collector’s dream and a FIRST EDITION will appreciate on a daily basis. (By the way, how can “used” copies now be selling on Amazon for only half price?)

…the lady that gave me the shirt with the acorn on it said she would give me a pack of smokes and some thunderbird.

. . . there is a new Mistress of truly Epic Fantasy. Ms. Clinton show mastery of truly astounding flights of imagination, using her unique prism of Delusions of Adequacy. You’ll never believe the amazing tales she tells, of Bill, Hill, and Bammy.

…There’s no need to read anything else, and besides, at this point, what difference would it make ???


And then there is the critic of the critics:

…why right wingers are scutteling over here like roaches to write a bad review of this book, they are terrified of her running amd winning. Period. I have ordered this book through Amazon and an waiting for it in the snail mail. I will write a true review when it is read.


There were some positive comments, but not many.

It’s doubtful that the reviews are sinking the book but the sample pages that people can read online might be – it’s boring.

I haven’t read the book myself and have no plans to read it after reading excerpts and reviews. It does sound like a work of fiction with a superficial glossing over of Benghazi, Iraq and other controversial issues she was involved in.  The only book by Hillary – or her ghost writer – that I ever read was “It Takes a Village.” It was mercifully short and painfully superficial and boring.


This is the real cover by the way:

Hard Choices