Hillary Clinton’s Lie at House Hearing Goes Unnoticed by Mainstream Media


Hillary Clinton

This lie is probably the most egregious error by Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi hearings last week. Other than Bret Baier of Special Report, it appears to have gone unnoticed by the mainstream media.

The House Foreign Relations Committee should demonstrate courage and take Hillary Clinton up on charges of perjury. They probably won’t, not because she didn’t perjure herself, but because they don’t have the courage.

hat tip to Scott Morton, Twitter
Go to 2:32 and listen to Hillary Clinton say she did not blame the video, The Prophet, for the Benghazi attack:

At 6:20 she blames the video while giving her eulogy for the four dead Americans at Andrews AFB :

Go to 2:18 and hear what she said to Ty Woods father about the video: