Hillary Clinton’s Medication Sure Explains a Lot About Her Campaign – She’s on Rat Poison



Hillary Clinton is on a powerful medication that has been used as rat poison and it can cause confusion. I kid you not! How ironic! How telling!

Dr. Ronald Hoffman disclosed that Clinton is currently taking a blood-thinning medication called Coumadin, which was initially introduced and marketed in 1948 as a pesticide designed to kill rats and mice, WND reported.

Hillary is apparently at risk for excessive hemorrhaging, even cerebral hemorrhaging, even from minor falls or other accidents because of this blood-clotting medication.

“Coumadin is the brand name for a drug called Warfarin that initially was developed as a rat poison because it made rats bleed to death,” Hoffman told WND in a telephone interview.

Rat poison?

Hoffman pointed out that Warfarin caused rats to haemorrhage to death, “so the pharmaceutical companies figured if you took only a little bit of rat poison, you won’t haemorrhage to death, you just get a little blood-thinning.”

But he said that is where the danger lies. “In other words, too little Coumadin and it’s not enough – too much Coumadin and you can bleed to death,” he said.

Hillary needs to make lifestyle changes such as not flying in planes for hours.

Two of the side effects are blurred vision and confusion. Does that explain a lot or what. She’s taking rat poison and she’s confused as hell, especially about Benghazi and classified emails.

She might also drop dead on us.

Oh well, what difference at this point does it make?


  1. If you pay close attention, you will see her stumble almost every time she is required to go down a set of stairs, even one or two of them.

  2. Bill Clinton’s hands shaking, Hillary stumbling whenever she uses the stairs. Yep, “what difference does it make?” Should the witch get elected and worse comes to worse (depending on how one looks at it), Hillary’s final joke on everyone would be lying in state in the U. S. Capitol. Ugh!

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