Hillary Clinton’s “Spontaneous” Outburst Was Anything But

Hillary Clinton checking her notes during her "spontaneous" outburst.
Hillary Clinton checking her binder full of notes during her “spontaneous” outburst.

I noticed something when looking at the Thursday’s NY Post page 1 photo of Hillary Clinton during the screeching part of her “Benghazi Testimony.” In the middle of her clenched fist, “emotional outburst,” she was caught clearing looking down…..at her binder full of notes.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m that ticked off, I don’t need to go to any cheat sheets.

During the roughly 15 second span of her “outrage” she appears, sometimes very briefly, to refer to her binder as many as 5 times.

If there is any doubt this part of her testimony was written in that loose leaf, watch how she, once the bombast has stopped, casts her eyes back down and appears to be reading statements directly from the papers before her.

At about 00:08 she glances down, at 00:11 and 00:12 she glances down again, but at 00:18 she hardly takes her eyes off the page. The same thing happens again at about 00:32 for several seconds. At about 00:52 she is again looking down.

As spontaneous as her binder of notes would allow.
As spontaneous as her binder of notes would allow.