Hillary Clinton’s Stunning Accomplishments Will Absolutely Stun You



As a senator from New York, Hillary Clinton had three amazing accomplishments – she was responsible for three stunning bills!

One law, S.3145 renamed part of a New York highway after the late journalist Tim Russert. Another, S.1241 named a building as the Kate Mullany National Historic Site – obviously it was an old building. Still another, S.3613 renamed a post office after a Vietnam veteran.

She has her priorities straight.

If that isn’t enough for you to pull the lever for her come November, read on.

As secretary of state, Hillary herself described all her accomplishments in one sentence during an interview at the fifth annual Women in the World Summit April 2014 in New York’s Lincoln Center. [It’s a summit for far-left women.] She said these memorable words: in the secretary relay race, she “ran the best race she could” and “passed the baton.” She concluded that “Some of what hasn’t been finished, may go on to be finished.”

Yep, she passed the baton after the race.

Josh Earnest provided more details: “So in terms of important foreign policy accomplishments for which Secretary Clinton can rightly claim her share of the credit, I would put ending the war in Iraq, responsibly winding down the war in Afghanistan, and decimating and destroying core al Qaeda — that those are a handful of accomplishments that certainly this President and this Commander-in-Chief are proud of, but it’s one that — those are the kinds of accomplishments that Secretary Clinton can justifiably be proud of as well.”

Iraq’s destroyed, Afghanistan is falling to the Taliban, al Qaeda and ISIS, and al Qaeda is back, actually they never left. Al-Zawahiri, titular head of al Qaeda decided to break them up into smaller groups around the Middle East and Northern Africa. One of those groups became ISIS. Obama and Hillary had nothing to do with it.

Josh left out Libya which Hillary sent careening into the failed state it is today.

Her handling of the Benghazi consulate speaks for itself.

How could anyone doubt these credentials – naming skills, passing batons, destroying whole nations.

Read about even more of her accomplishments here.

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  1. Yep, that’s about it. No wonder Gallup has her as a perennial powerhouse in the world.
    Chuckle, yes, there are some really stupid people in the world. I am certain she will get a Nobel prize before she dies. After-all, Mr. Obama got one for zero achievements, but he showed great promise.

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