Hillary Clinton wants YOUR guns!


Hillary without end

Hillary Clinton wants to keep guns from people “whose hearts are filled with hate.” The only way to do that is to gather up a force of Thought Police and, don’t kid yourself, there are those who would do exactly that.

The only other way to avoid a Dylann Roof is to eliminate the Second Amendment and round up illegal guns, but then a Dylann Roof would find another way like the Austrian who drove his car into shoppers two days ago and then stabbed everyone he could after he got out of his car.

How else do you sift out the people with hate in their hearts so you can take their guns away?

In George Orwell’s dystopian 1949 novel, 1984, the Thought Police agents move quietly among the people of Oceania, spreading false rumors, and identifying and eliminating any individual deemed capable of independent thought or rebellion against the Party, and all Party members live their lives under the constant supervision of the Thought Police. They have TV monitors in their rooms, almost like smart appliances.

It feels just a little like Cass Sunstein’s “nudge” theory at work.

People capable of independent thought and who remember too much are imprisoned and reindoctrinated. The Party doesn’t want to create martyrs so the Thought Police gradually wear down their will in a Ministry of Love through conversations, degradation, and finally in a torture chamber known as Room 101.

All the anti-gun talk and the degradation of law-abiding gun owners is starting to feel a little like Room 101.


  1. If you add up the gun deaths by police of unarmed civilian’s just this year alone, it would be more death than almost every mass shooting combined. Then calculate all the gun related deaths that can be attributed to this simpleton Hillary Clinton ,and her ilk, it’s not even in the same ball park!
    So I ask……who should really have their guns taken away?
    For me I’ll take my chances with lone deranged psycho, and I don’t mean Hillary!

  2. How can anyone be so blind, deaf or that stupid not to see that this is as big a LIAR as Barack Hussein Obama.

  3. To the Wicked Liberal Witch and all of the rest of those on that side of the fence: “Molon labe!”

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