Hillary Explains How Dems Have the Right to Infringe on the 2nd Amendment



Anderson Cooper began his questioning of Hillary during a CNN debate with a set-up story about a tragic shooting victim. The victim’s father asked what Hillary planned to do about gun violence after reading a well-prepared statement.

Hillary said it never should have happened, came up with a misleading statistic, and then said access has to be limited. She plans to get rid of all so-called loopholes.

Closing the Charleston loophole is her favorite ruse even though the problem in Charleston was the fact that the FBI allowed the felon killer to buy a gun.

She wants safe guns and she wants to allow anyone and everyone to sue every gun maker and seller accountable for the misuse of the guns they make or sell.

Obviously there won’t be much of a Second Amendment when Hillary gets done with these laws. The most popular one of course is the right to sue people who had nothing to do with the crime but everything to do with gun rights.

The leftists hope to sue the Second Amendment into oblivion.

Did you know we have a culture where people “grab for guns all the time”. This socialist witch doesn’t care about the truth, just power.

Americans have the right to own and bear arms and if she tries to infringe on it, she’ll have a war on her hands. Ironically, it’s Hillary Clinton who has all the dead bodies popping up around her.


  1. The simple fact Hillary gets an inordinate amount of mainstream media air time is more toxic than what she has to say. One can only flip the dial so many times per hour without seeing her ugly mug babbling on about something. If she only knew how little most of us care!

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