Hillary Fell Down And Broke Her Toe in London While Running in Heels with Coffee?


Hillary broke her toe on her book tour and missed several of the day’s events.

She claims, and this isn’t a joke, she broke her toe “running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand.”

Hillary trying to get up the stairs last year, claiming they were icy.

Others say she just fell backwards down the stairs.

Her health was an issue last year but anyone who commented was called a conspiracy theorist. Last year, hosts on Channel 11 discussed Hillary’s “seizures”.

She did appear to have seizures.

As another point of interest, on Sunday, she was booed and cheered in London and called a “fascist” on her way in to accept her fake degree and have a law school named after her.


  1. I think she was angry and kicked something! Especially after the interview where she was asked didn’t she have responsibility for what happened as she mentioned in her book. She wasn’t having any of it! LOL!

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