Hillary Hopes Trump Won’t Order the Killing of People, Journalists


During an interview with Charlie Rose, Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of having a tendency towards authoritarianism and said he is like Putin although she hopes he hasn’t ordered the killing of journalists.

Some might say she is the big government Pied Piper who has bodies turning up wherever she goes. This is the exchange:

“I don’t think he really values democracy, Charlie,” Hillary told host Charlie Rose.

“He doesn’t value democracy? Rose replied. “So he’s not a ‘democrat,’ little ‘d?’”

“No, he’s not, he’s a top-down guy.” Hillary declared.

“He’s an authoritarian?” Rose asked.

“He has tendencies toward authoritarianism,” Clinton exclaimed.

“So, he’s no different than Putin?” Rose inquired.

“Well, hopefully he hasn’t ordered the killing of people and journalists and the like,” Hillary allowed.

This past week, she accused Trump of being a racist for attacking those poor NFL players who kneel during the anthem. Prior to that she said white women who voted for him ‘publicly disrespected themselves”. [It could have been a worse humiliation, we could have voted for her].

She really won’t go away or back to the woods or wherever her type goes.


  1. Can this increasingly delusional woman recognize the obvious, self mocking irony in dopey statements like this? Nope.

  2. She is such a plethora of a Pandora’s Box of lies, she would not know the truth of it smacked her in the face. I know of no one who has such a huge body count associated to her who is not in prison for life without the possibility of parole. She will have to face the ultimate judge one of these days and she will receive no mercy.

    • She needs to go home before she gets herself put in Federal Prison! Which is not impossible! Go Away Hillary!! No One Believes a Word you say and no one respects you or wants to hear your thoughts but left brainwashed loons!!!

  3. Hillary you Lost!!! Go Home and Rock your Grandkids! We Don’t like you! We Love Trump!Hes more American than you will ever be! He’s more presidential than your husband or Obama ever were!
    I’m a White Female College Educated Deplorable!

  4. I have good news for the population of the US. Your choice to vote Trump into office saved you from the worse. The so-called Democrats are exactly the same breed as the socialists in the Netherlands. And they were the ones who introduced the medical insurance as is imitated by Obama with his Obamacare. One of the aspects is, that older people need to be eliminated. By now the Dutch Mafia, excuse me, political parties, promote the use of the Pill of Drion. It is a suicide pil. And with that activity, they do the same as what Adolf Hitler did with his Aktion T4. Just Google Drion and Aktion T4 and you will never vote for any Democrat again. Besides I want to make clear the following: Obama has lived, in his youth, for seven years on Sumatra, The northern part of the island is called Atjeh. The population there is extremely fanatic Islamic. For a Christian it is imposible to live between that people. We, the Royal Dutch Indian Army, fought several wars to bring it under control, but never really succeeded. This Clinton woman must have known that Obama is a Muslim. So he lied to the population when, in an interview, denying that he is a Muslim. And Clinton never corrected that.

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