Hillary Is Afraid Republicans Will Be Too Tough on ISIS


hillary with helmut

I’m not looking to go to war but is it possible to be too easy on ISIS? The world agrees they need to be obliterated but in her latest ad, Hillary wants you to know that she is tough but won’t be too tough on ISIS.

The ad also hopes to terrorize people by suggesting Republicans will defund Planned Parenthood because we all have to subsidize a successful, profit-making baby chop shop. She also wants to protect that onerous, unaffordable Obamacare.

We mustn’t forget that minimum wage because we all know that paying people $15 an hour for menial jobs will lift them out of poverty – at least it does in the Hillary Twilight Zone.




Hillary Clinton has already said that she wants us to show “respect”, “understanding” and “empathy” for our enemies like ISIS, the people who want to kill us and bring the war to us. The very same people who behead babies, cut children in half, crucify teenagers, enslave women, and torture everyone.

She calls it “smart power.”

She should donate her head to the cause.


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