Hillary and Kathy Griffin Should Team Up & Do a “Boohoo Tour”


For those out there unable to get enough of left-wing, self pitying ladies who’ve made an absolute mess of the gift wrapped opportunities in their, lives here’s a thought. How about encouraging Hillary Clinton and Kathy Griffin to get together and do an aptly named “Boohoo Tour”.

It would seem to come at a good time for both. Hillary’s big dollar Wall Street speeches have dried up since her November loss, and Kathy’s been fired by CNN, lost sponsors, and got some of her “comedy” gigs canceled.   Since both gals are, at this time, apparently between steady paychecks and have tons of sob-sister material, this could be an easy call to make an even easier quick buck.

Ms. Griffin, being newly aggrieved, and somewhat handicapped by having her “performance” of waving around a bloody severed head of President Donald Trump poorly received, may want to cede some billing to her more senior suffering martyr. Hill, whose menu of whining grievances grows with each passing, increasingly embarrassing interview, need only name all those dastardly villains who’ve denied her the presidency.

Mrs. Clinton’s list, as of this writing, includes but is not limited to: the Russians, lousy polling info, Barack Obama, women-hating men, Hillary-hating women, the media, the DNC, fake news, her aides, dumb ass voters, James Comey, her own party, and our personal favorite, content farms in Macedonia. Not since the time of Alexander the Great, who ruled hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, has Macedonia wielded such power.

Kathy Griffin on the other hand has, as of this writing, a much smaller pool of make believe gripes to draw from.   The best she can do is blame “old white guys”, the Trumps (all, including 11 year old Barron?), and the looney left’s favorite, go to straw man, Donald Trump. Yes, true to the demented kind of “thinking” that had Griffin very publicly mimicking an ISIS style beheading of a U.S. president, Kathy somehow sees the target of her perverted stunt as the oppressor, while she conveniently and tearfully becomes the victim.

So pair up these whiny women. Let them take to our wonderful highways and see if they can’t fill arenas across this great nation.   They could bill themselves as Clinton and Griffin, and lest anyone be expecting an evening of Abbott and Costello type fun, remove all doubt by naming their two gal pity party, “The Boohoo Tour”.

The biggest problem would probably be finding enough masochistic paying customers to make up an audience.   Remember, even as the shoe-in, sure to be next POTUS, Hillary couldn’t fill a high school gym. And it’s highly unlikely a blubbering Griffin would help put any fannies in the seats. Although that kind of crocodile teared “performance” may make her, however accidentally, appear funnier than she’s ever been.


  1. We can only hope that these people stay exactly the way they are so we can identify them in a line up of Patriotic, Bible toting, Second Amendment supporting. Constitution loving, Patriots!!!!!

  2. Did anyone notice that when Griffin, an arrogantly self-righteous, talent-less Progressive LIB twerp if there ever was one, tried to inject some humorous lines into her beyond pathetic “press briefing” (aka, dishonest, self-pitying, spin job) that the ONLY person smiling or chuckling at her flat jokes was HER BLOODSUCKER “celebrity” Lawyer… who she had to pay BIG BUCKS to do!?!???!? At one time, “comics” were guys that told dirty jokes to drunks in between cheap strip club acts; now they all think they’re social commentators whose job it is to “push the envelope” no matter how offensive or slanderous or cruel such “pushing” becomes… and then claim – IN THE NAME OF FREE SPEECH – THAT NO ONE ELSE IS ALLOWED TO REPLY! Since this worthless HACK has attempted committed career suicide, I say we should allow her to achieve her goal by completely scorning her and leaving her to her lawyer… and her legal bills… as her career swirls down the toilet where it belongs.

  3. As the old saying goes….you made your bed now lie in it. I feel no pity for this woman. Paraphrasing the infamous Reveremd Wright….”her chickens have come home to roost!” Tough luck lady, this time you stepped in it big-time! Now man up and deal with it. Don’t go pulling the same gender card Hillary always was famous for. If you’re going to pull a stunt like that, you’d better be prepared for the push-back. But I guess you were counting on your liberal buddies to join in your pathetic joke, but alas, like every other weasel, they left you high and dry to fend for yourself. That’s just the nature of your ilk. You just had to find out the hard way. Suck it up to stupidity Griffin!

  4. My only suggestion for the ‘Boohoo tour’ would be to allow our potty mouth Senator from NY to make the introductions to these whiners.

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