Hillary Is Part of the Resistance! Take Her, She’s Yours


Hillary Clinton says she is part of the Resistance movement which includes such as notables as Michael Moore, George Soros, dopey Madonna and nasty woman Ashley Judd.

As you can see here from Michael Moore’s calendar of Resistance aka #Resist, they are almost all communists, socialists, illegal aliens, and misfits. Let’s not forget that it includes the anti-white, anti-police hate group BlackLivesMatter, which her buddy George Soros funded into existence based on lies [like the Michael Brown, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, lie].

Moore and Hillary, the 1%er Wall Street tool, are part of Vulture Capitalism. In fact, Moore tried to capitalize and make money off a product already formed – the Resistance.

In an interview with Christiane Amanpour, Hillary said she can only be who she is.

“I spent decades learning what it would take to move our country forward, including people who, you know, clearly didn’t vote for me,” she continued.

“I’m now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance,” Clinton finished to thunderous applause.

Fortunately, the voters resisted her.


  1. The only thing those leftists are resisting is sanity.

    They are categorically against anything that is sane, rational and good.

    They are for lying, for cheating, for violence, they are for illegal acts , they are definitely all for FAKE news.

    anything sane, or true or good, they reject and resist.

    They resist our attempts at making them see the light

    They resist sanity.

    when I was a kid lunatics were one in ten thousand people, very few people were irrational butnow lunatics are half the population, the half that votes liberal and agrees with all the irrational crazy things the left is for.

    The left is resisting sanity.

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