Hillary Prepares Trump Victims’ List



Washington Examiner columnist Timothy P. Carney wrote that Hillary is preparing her Trump’s victims list. That’s likely true because they do it every election. Remember the cancer victim Romney allegedly killed?

“Democratic super PACs are already lining up Trump’s victims for such a purpose, you can be totally sure,” Carney writes. “That’s why any poll numbers suggesting Trump can beat Hillary should be doubted — they don’t take into account the brutal campaign Hillary will wage on Trump.”

“There’s a mountain of s*** the Democrats are going to dump on him if he is the nominee,” he adds, quoting GOP operative Liz Mair.

Trump University will top the list, he says, because of the lawsuits by former students who say they were flim-flammed. Donald, however, says 90% of the students were satisfied.

“You can bet Hillary’s people are reaching out to every one of them,” Carney said. “They will be the stars of super PAC ads. And all the working-class voters who feel like Trump is fighting for them will realize that Trump is playing them like he’s played so many before.”

Trump has failed in business many times and has recouped his losses at the expense of others.

Trump’s bankrupt businesses left small business without a rudder and big banks and vendors had to eat losses, Carney believes. One vending machine maker lost $6 million.

Carney thinks the foreigners at Mar-e-Lago is a big deal though it’s one small business among so many. They came up with meager examples of Trump hiring foreigners though there could be more out there.

The eminent domain story of a New Jersey widow didn’t affect GOP voters but it will be used to lure in the Independents and any rogue Democrats.

Carney didn’t mention it, but there is a documentary out there which was bought by NBC and which seems to depict Trump as a womanizer of epic proportions with a British news anchor Selina Scott who says he stalked her for twenty years.

“Trump is a shark,” Scott wrote for The Daily Mail. “A shark has no yesterday and no tomorrow. Just the next meal, the next victim to be destroyed and consumed. And a shark must keep moving or die.”

She concludes her piece in the Daily Mail with:

My 60-minute documentary exposed how — through bluff, bombast and braggadocio — he had convinced the American business community he was far richer than he was and that while the rest of his rivals were “losers,” he knew how to make the U.S. great.

This ability to convince others he was a commercial genius was most vividly illustrated in a helicopter ride we took over New York. Pointing to the Empire State Building, he told me he owned it.

The reporter is a leftist by the way so take it for what it’s worth.

It should be interesting to see what Trump throws at her – plenty of ammo there.