Hillary Rakes in Overseas Cash



Hillary Clinton’s campaign has held more fundraisers on foreign soil than any other candidate running for president in 2016, the hill reported. She has been collecting money from Americans living abroad and green card holders. There are many, many green card holders now thanks to Barack Obama.

Green card holders are NOT citizens yet they are helping decide our elections.

The campaign held 13 fundraisers overseas to tap wealthy US citizens and residents who do not live here. The fundraisers were held from Munich, Mexico City, and Durban, to South Africa.

She has raised $495,000 so far from Americans and ‘residents’ who live abroad.

Clinton’s people have also held several fundraisers in Mexico. One of the co-hosts of a February fundraising dinner was Wal-Mart lobbyist Ivan Zapien, who relocated to Mexico with the company in 2015. Clinton served on the board of Wal-Mart from 1986-1992.

I guess we know where he stands on illegal immigration and outsourcing.

The Federal Election Commission, which regulates campaign fundraising, stipulates that “foreign nationals are prohibited from making any contributions or expenditures in connection with any election in the U.S.” But the FEC allows that both U.S. citizens and “green card” holders living abroad (individuals lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the U.S.) “are not considered foreign nationals and, as a result, may contribute.”

This makes one wonder about her claims that Americans are deciding this election.

Hillary is tied to foreigners through donations through her corrupt money laundering machine she calls a foundation. She said recently that she is being solicited by foreign governments and has been asked if they can endorse her.

This is what she told Jake Tapper on The Lead recently.

“Finally, I really believe that there are going to be a lot of arguments to make against him that we can look forward to, and I’m not going to spill the beans right now. But suffice it to say that there are many arguments that we can use against him. But one argument that I am uniquely qualified to bring, because of my service as Secretary of State is what his presidency would mean to our country and our standing in the world. I am already receiving messages from leaders, and I am having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop Donald Trump, and I am like, no, this is up to Americans, thank you very much, and I see where it is coming from.”

She is without a moral core.