Hillary Reveals Husband Bill’s Role in Her Administration



Hillary Clinton, who is under FBI investigation, spoke about her husband, former U.S. President and womanizer Bill Clinton, in front of two religious congregations in New York on Sunday.

Clinton asked for the worshippers’ support in the upcoming New York primary saying, “It’s especially important to me because I have loved serving this state.”

“I did not anticipate leaving the Senate. I would have been very happy and honored to stay. But someone by the name of Barack Obama had a different idea,” the ambitious former first lady said disingenuously.

She joked about saying no to Obama twice when he asked her to be Secretary of State, comparing that to twice saying no to Bill Clinton’s marriage proposal.

She also wanted to be a Marine and loves to ride the Subway.

At another congregation Clinton said, “I’d be proud to have him (Bill) as my advisor… I don’t think I’ll have him be picking out the flower arrangements for the state dinners.”

Given Bill’s strange appearance lately and his history of assaulting women, with two women accusing him of rape, that’s not reassuring.

Meanwhile, Bernie continues to win the people over state by state but not the delegates in the preordained Democrat primaries and caucuses. He won Wyoming handily this weekend but delegates came out as a tie. Hillary joked about it and said she planned to lose these last 8 states. They were trivial in the scheme of things.