Hillary Says White Women Who Voted for Trump ‘Publicly Disrespected Themselves’


Hillary Clinton says white women who voted for President Trump were “publicly disrespecting  themselves.”

We could have voted for Hillary and totally humiliated ourselves.

She told Joy Reid on MSNBC, “When I see women, and look, it’s predominantly white women, let’s just be clear about that. I won women, I lost white women although I got more white women’s votes than president Obama did in 2012 so this is an ongoing challenge,” Hillary said.

“But when I see women doing that, I think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves?”, Hillary continued.

Hillary is incredibly condescending. She gives white women voters no credit for intelligence. She is also clueless. Her husband is a perverted womanizer.

Women didn’t vote for her because she’s a liar, corrupt and an elitist who called Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables” and stood for nothing but hate mongering. It had nothing to do with sexism. Sexists are the ones who voted for her because she is a woman.

What she said in this interview is exactly why we couldn’t vote for her.

She must be surrounded by a cadre of sycophants who tell her what she wants to hear.


  1. So, not only was she utterly humiliated after her resounding defeat, but she is following a path that will eventually lead to even her supporters turning away from her. It looks as if it may already happening. The look on Bill’s face at the debate when confronted by the women he abused is the future that Hillary will be forced to endure.

  2. Her husband isn’t a pervert. He’s a rapist who should be in prison. And she was complicit in covering up and buying off anyone and everyone. We all know of the long, long trail of ‘Arkanicides’ …..

  3. so why did they publicly disrespect themselves? it was because you forgot that they were part of the deplorables. Hildabeast, please crawl back into the stinkin’ hole you were derived from.

  4. Hey, Hillary! You lost because sane people did not want your unethical, corrupt, lying ass in the White House. White women, white men, black women, black men…all voted for Donald J. Trump because YOU WERE THE OTHER CHOICE!

  5. Hillary would like female voters to be just like the sycophants that surround her. Her constant focus on race and gender are clearly divisive. She can say anything, such as attacking millions of women, and there is no media storm. The media continually makes up storms to attack Trump. She has been handed everything in life, including blatant media bias in support of her, and still has not been a winner.

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