Hillary Stands Out in Latest Poll for a Remarkable Reason



The headlines in the news are trumpeting Hillary’s growing lead over Bernie Sanders, but what they don’t tell you is it might not do her any good.

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows four Republican candidates beating Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup and Trump is within striking distance.

In a general election matchup, Carson beats Clinton 50% to 40%. That’s with the share of both men (55 percent to 35 percent) and of women (45 percent to 44 percent).

Clinton loses against Rubio (41 percent to 46 percent), Cruz (43 percent to 46 percent) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (43 percent to 46 percent), who drew less than Bush among Republican voters. Quinnipiac did not test a Bush-Clinton matchup.

In a Match up against Trump, however, Clinton held a lead of 46 percent to 43 percent, which is not much of a lead.

Among Democrat and Democrat-leaning Independents, Hillary is at 53% to Sanders’ 35%.

Trump is at 24% and Carson is at 23%

Rubio is at 14%, Cruz is at 13% and everyone else was at 3% or less with 9% undecided.

Jeb Bush is at 4%, down from 10% with a 33 point unfavorability rating among Republican and Independent voters.

“FYI political press corps. Jeb’s going to have a few weeks of bad polls,” campaign communications director Tim Miller tweeted Monday. “Comebacks take time, we recognize and are prepared for that.”

That’s not going to change the candidate and it is the candidate who is the problem.

In favorability ratings, Carson came out the highest of the Republican candidates with Rubio coming in second, while Trump scoring the lowest favorability.

Carson came out as the most trustworthy at 62% to 24%.

Only 36 percent saw Clinton as honest and trustworthy, compared to 60 percent who did not, while 38 percent saw Trump as honest and trustworthy and 58 percent did not. Clinton has the lowest trustworthy rating.

The NBC/WSJ poll has 53% of registered voters giving her poor marks for “being honest and straightforward,” while just 27% give her a thumbs up.

The caveat here is polls haven’t been accurate lately. Polls have been off by 10 to 15 points in states like Virginia for example. In Kentucky Matt Bevin was allegedly down by 5 points but he won by 8 points.

Former New York City mayor Bloomberg and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe tried to win the State Senate for Democrats in Virginia by funding and throwing in their chips on gun control Democrats, but they LOST. Their gun control pitch worked against them. Every Republican kept their seat.

Rand Paul appeared on Gretchen Carlson’s show on Fox News today and said that it would be hard for a Democrat to win in Kentucky because Obama has destroyed their economy with his war on coal and his decimation of jobs.

He said this election is another example of a career politician losing to an outsider. He also believes the polls are skewed because the pollsters are calling landlines and most people have cell phones now.