Hillary Strong Arms Egyptian Military to Move Over for “Democracy” Under the Brotherhood


Hillary and Obama love statists, Islamists, and dictators.

Outside Hillary Clinton’s hotel room in Egypt, hundreds screamed anti-U.S. and anti-Islamist slogans. “Get out Hillary,” they chanted. “We don’t want the Muslim Brotherhood.” Among the signs held up were “America: Support Liberty Not Theocracy” and “Egypt Majority is not Islamist.”

U.S. news media said the crowd was relatively small and mostly comprised of Mubarek supporters.

One woman told a reporter, “Even Libya did not take the Muslim Brotherhood. Why is she (Clinton) pushing (them) here?”

Hillary Clinton is in Egypt to tell the military to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power. She has already told the Egyptian Islamist President to run the country as a democracy.

At this point in time, the military is the only thing standing between the Egyptian people and a theocracy.

Hillary Clinton met with the Islamist President Mohamed Mursi on Saturday and is scheduled to see military chief Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi on Sunday. She wants the military to go back to being in charge of national security only and she wants Mursi to establish a genuine democracy.

Oblivious to the reality of what it means to have an Islamist President in a country that voted for an Islamist majority and an Islamist President, Clinton held a news conference with Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr and naively said this, “Democracy is hard. It requires dialogue and compromise and real politics.”

Clinton wants the military out of any leadership role so the government can make the transition to civilian rule.

If Hillary Clinton thinks “civilians” are going to rule with an Islamist President and an Islamist Parliament, she is living in another dimension.

On May 9th, prior to winning the election, Mursi gave an interview to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. Mursi said there is no such thing as an Islamic democracy. He described his view of democracy as one that stands for rule by the people, “justice, social justice and a democratic constitutional state.” He added that this type of democracy “agrees with consultation called for Islam.” [It sounds like statism.] He said that he wants to represent all Egyptians.

During his election campaign, Mursi promised often to implement sharia law if elected. He has called Israel “the Zionist entity.” The Muslim Brotherhood deputy leader, Rashad al-Bayoumi, referring to the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, has said that, “To me, it isn’t binding at all … On no condition will we recognize Israel. It is an enemy entity.”

Since he was elected President, Mursi has demanded that America release dangerous Islamist prisoners such as the blind Sheikh. In his first presidential address, Mursi said that his country “will stand with Palestinian people until they get their rights.”

Back in April, Vice President Joe Biden, an Obama mouthpiece, told about 200 Turkish and Azerbaijani people at a fundraiser that the Obama administration was looking for Turkish leadership in the Middle East. He called Turkey a model of how to have an Islamic state and a democracy. Hillary Clinton has expressed the same views as Biden.

Biden made that statement despite Turkey’s crackdown on dissidents, their expansion of Islamic culture and education, and growing conflicts with Greece and Israel. Turkey has also failed to support women. [Daily Caller]

This situation with Egypt is reminiscent of that of Honduran President José Manuel Zelaya who tried to install a dictatorship. The military ousted him when he tried to amend the constitution to allow for an endless presidency. Zelaya responded by hiring U.S. lobbyists.

Obama and Hillary then went on a mission to force the Hondurans into putting him back into office. Fortunately, the Hondurans stood up for their freedoms and, while Zelaya lives in Honduras, he has not been reinstated as President. [Wiki]

When it comes to supporting statists of any kind, Obama and Hillary always seem to be on the ready.

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