A Glum Hillary Throws a Nasty Bash for Donors with Donors’ Money


Hillary Clinton gave a big bash for her donors with their money last night and she looked rather glum on her way to the party. She did use their money. It was left over campaign cash.

Ed Klein says she’s still drinking heavily and is very depressed. That is believable.

A downcast Clinton arrived at New York’s famed Plaza Hotel on Thursday night and was pictured sitting in the back of a black car as it was directed into the hotel’s loading dock garage.

Guests were hiding their faces, guests like Anna Wintour. No one knows if Huma was in attendance. Hillary’s peeps are blaming Huma for Hillary’s failures as well.

Clinton gave a speech at one point during the evening, where she was joined on the stage by her husband Bill, daughter Clinton and son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky, running mate Tim Kaine and John Podesta.

Her speech focused on blame because we all know it couldn’t be her fault.

“Swing-state voters made their decisions in the final days breaking against me because of the F.B.I. letter from Director Comey,” the innocent Hillary said and The Daily Mail reported.


It was also Putin’s fault, according to her. Did Putin write those emails? Did he run the Clinton Foundation? Did he lie about Benghazi?

She is claiming, without evidence, that Putin personally directed the so-called hacks against Hillary because he has a vendetta against her, she claimed. She also blamed the press for not realizing all this.

She’s delusional. Listen to this if you have a strong stomach, It’s UNBELIEVABLE!


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