Hillary Violated the National Security Act of 1947



Fox News has heard from three different intelligence sources that the evidence against Hillary Clinton is so strong that there is a great deal of frustration building at the lack of action. Her latest batch of emails reveal that she disclosed the internal workings of the intelligence services on an unsecured network.

While Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state, she conducted all her email business on two personal email accounts which went through her home server.

The most recent batch of emails contained 45 classified emails, bringing the total number of such emails sent to or from Clinton’s personal email address to over 1,300. The 45 are at the lowest level of classification – confidential – except one which is classified Secret.

An email she sent to her personal address contained information subsequently redacted pursuant to the National Security Act of 1947. It was information that likely disclosed the internal workings of the U.S. intelligence community.

Without seeing the paragraphs, it’s impossible to know for sure, but it is likely from reading the law that their public disclosure might reveal sensitive information such as confidential intelligence community sources and the “operational files” of the US intelligence agencies which detail their internal structures or operations, Free Beacon reported.

The high-profile FOIA case has occupied a third of the State Department’s open records staff, according to a scathing FOIA report released by the inspector general Thursday. A third!!

The report also revealed that dozens knew about the private email server and used private emails themselves.

“At the time the request was received, dozens of senior officials throughout the department, including members of Secretary Clinton’s immediate staff, exchanged emails with the secretary using the personal accounts she used to conduct official business,” the watchdog added.

The corrupt handling of US data didn’t begin with Hillary but will hopefully end with her.