Hillary’s Amazing Solution for Chicago Gangland Violence

house dems
Democrats in their “show” sit-in over gun violence.

At least 64 people were shot in Chicagoland this past weekend, including four people who were fatally wounded.

Police Chief Eddie Johnson and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have blamed lax laws that allow gang members, who are responsible for the bulk of the gun violence, to return to the streets relatively quickly. Finally! Truth! More amazing is Hillary’s solution which we get to at the end of the article.

There have been 329 homicides in the country’s third largest city this year and that is with more police on the streets and 88 gang members thrown in jail.

This is actually an improvement since last year. They have more murders than New York and LA combined yet they have the strictest gun laws in the nation.

A family of six died, and five small children were shot as they played. They are headed for over 600 dead this year in the killing fields of Chicago.

The anti-gun people want stricter gun laws.

The Congressional Black Caucus is planning to “disrupt” the House floor as much as possible this week to build on the “success” of their previous sit-in. About 26 of these hypocrites own guns.

We really elect officials who know how to zero in on the big issues.

As usual, they’re irrelevant and unaware.

Fewer Americans die in war zones overseas. To solve the problem, the left wants to take guns away from law-abiding citizens while going easy on gun crimes and drug criminals who always use guns.

The problems, in reality, are lax laws on criminals.

Hillary has the solution! Gangs are like ‘family’ and we need ‘positive gangs’ she said.

That’ll work Hillary! She’s a one-woman wrecking ball who thinks she is really coming up with solutions!