Hillary’s Billionaire Bundler Manipulates Muslim Immigration to the US


The leaked documents from the George Soros foundation show that he lobbied Obama to accept 100,000 Muslim refugees per year and succeeded.

On September 20 of last year, the Obama administration announced Muslim immigration would be increased to 100,000 by 2017.

George Soros made the request to “President Obama in a recent letter”, a leaked memo said prior to the announcement.

The memo described their extensive lobbying efforts.

We used the extensive networks we have developed to help engage an array of actors, most of whom were sympathetic to the cause but had not focused on the issue. In part, our active role reflects our observation that the refugee advocacy community, while long-standing and sophisticated in the inner workings of refugee policy, does not have a strong advocacy capacity or deep grassroots ties. In the course of our work, we were able to generate engagement by a group of mayors through Emma Lazarus II Fund grantee Cities United for Immigration Action; the civil rights and immigrant rights community, through long-time grantee the Leadership Council for Civil and Human Rights; liberal and conservative former national security and state department officials with the help of grantee Human Rights First; and some conservative voices, such as evangelical Christians and Southern Baptists through grantee National Immigration Forum. In the face of this pressure, the Obama administration announced Sept. 20 that by 2017, it would raise to 100,000 the total number of refugees the U.S. takes worldwide each year. While we applaud this development, it falls short of the proposed special allocation.

They also wrote that more needs to be done.

We can’t vet most of these people properly and the UN picks them for us.

A section of the Open Society document relates that Soros and the foundation “pushed for three specific policy objectives” from the Obama administration:

Working in close coordination with our colleagues in the DC Advocacy office, we (in support of George Soros) have pushed for three specific policy objectives: (1) an increase in the worldwide refugee authorization from the pre-existing 70,000 to one commensurate with the need, (2) an increase in resources to the relevant government agencies to expand their ability to process individuals under the existing numbers (noting that the United States has only processed 1,500 Syrians since 2011 even though existing authority allows 10,000 as of now), and (3) an increase in the financing for efforts overseas, recognizing that the United States is and remains the largest funder of support for these efforts. George Soros’ letter to President Obama is included here.

In the document itself, the text that states “George Soros’ letter to President Obama is included here” is hyperlinked and brings readers to an internal Open Society Foundation’s box.com account that requires users to first log in.

Regarding the third policy objective of an increase in financing to overseas refugee efforts, the Obama administration announced in September 2015, one month before the Open Society’s board meeting of that year, that it would inject $419 million more in humanitarian aid to, as the Washington Post reported, “assist Syrian refugees and the countries that are hosting them.”

The US immigration policy is being dictated to some degree — perhaps completely — by George Soros. Who voted for him? He has more power than Congress, the members of which have called for better vetting and a temporary halt to Syrian immigration until we can vet them.

Another leaked memo revealed that Soros dictated step-by-step instructions to Hillary Clinton on how to interfere in Albania and she did it.

Hillary is a far-left Marxist — an Alinskyite — who knows how to cover it up as the innocent moderate Grandma. Don’t look at what she says, look at what she does.




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