Governor McAuliffe Says 93 Million a Day Die From Gun Violence!

Governor McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton

After a Bernie Sanders Democrat tried to massacre Republicans playing baseball, sicko Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe called for fewer guns on the street, while citing false gun statistics.

This is after one of his peeps tried to kill innocent unarmed congressmen with whom he disagreed. Are you kidding me?

Democrats are bringing in unvetted Islamists and leaving our borders open to criminals and drug cartels at the same time they want to disarm the innocent gun owner.

This is the same guy who gives voting rights to felons even while they’re imprisoned. He’s one of Hillary’s corrupt friends.

Victims of today’s violence, Mo Brooks and Brad Wenstrup both said they felt helpless without a gun today.

Don’t feel discouraged, listen to this wonderful normal American!



  1. This guy is corrupt and has his tentacles deeply embedded into the far reaches of the Federal Government. He has “holds” on the FBI and with Hillary, he owns James Comey, plain and simple.

  2. The Democrats can’t wait until the next shooting to call for gun control. But look at all the attacks in Europe – not a single one of the dozens of people murdered in Paris, Manchester, and London were shot. The terrorists in these and other attacks used bombs, trucks, butcher knives, etc. I didn’t hear anyone calling for restrictions on selling vehicles or knives. Why not?

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