Hillary’s Pneumonia Didn’t Keep Her From Trashing Trump During Interview


Hillary arranged for US technology to be sold to Russia even though it could be used for military purposes and even though she was warned it would be used for espionage. The Wall Street Journal wrote about it at length in July. It was part of their Russian reset.

Cash flowed to the Clinton Foundation when Hillary and her husband arranged for our US uranium mine to be sold to the Russians. The New York Times reported about that in depth last year.

However, Hillary, with no evidence whatsoever, is accusing Trump of cozying up to Putin because he wants to try and reset relations with the Russian dictator as opposed to going to war.

Hillary was back out throwing the kitchen sink at Trump this week and today on 9/11 — that was high on her negative agenda. She rarely discusses issues except for her canned platitudes and never talks about her so-called accomplishments. She simply tears him apart.

She lied during the interview and claimed Trump didn’t know Putin invaded Crimea.

She lied and said Trump has a romance with dictators though she is the one who romanced Morsi, Assad at one point, the Muslim Brotherhood, she tried to reset relationships with Putin, and so many others.

She lied about “his talk of Muslims” and said Trump has already done damage…we know that from intel…Isis is rooting for him.

As an aside, she seemed listless and ill during the interview aired today. We don’t know when it was filmed.

Putin has played Hillary and Barack, Giuliani reminded people. They empowered him.

Trump’s praise of Putin is what Reagan did with Gorbachev.

As far as Isis is concerned, Giuliani said Isis knows she’s a patsy.