Hillary’s Lame Statements on Terrorism But Trump Fires Back


Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Virginia

How much are you willing to gamble that Hillary, who performed so poorly in Benghazi, lies constantly, and who destroyed Libya, is going to protect us from terrorism when she won’t even utter the words “radical Islam.” To the leftists, all Islam is the same. She told Chris Cuomo that she’s got our backs on terrorism, yet she won’t even acknowledge who the enemy is.

She wants to ‘show them respect’ and ’empathize’ with them.

On Thursday, Hillary was asked in an interview by Chris Cuomo, brother to New York’s dictator Andrew, about the EgyptAir plane which crashed traveling from France to Cairo.

“Well, Chris, it does appear that it was an act of terrorism, exactly how, of course, the investigation will have to determine.

But it once again shines a very bright light on the threats that we face from organized terror groups. ISIS, of course, but then there are other networks of terrorists that have to be hunted down and defeated. And I think it reinforces the need for American leadership, for the kind of smart steady leadership that only America can provide, working with our allies, partners, friends in Europe, Middle East and elsewhere because we have to have a concerted effort that brings to bear both domestic resources, sharing of intelligence, take a hard look at airport security one more time, whatever needs to be done must be done.

The world depends on air travel. We can’t allow it to be interrupted or people be intimidated and to continue to take the fight although it needs to be more intensified against ISIS from where it is running its operations in Syria and Iraq.

So we have to really go along with the kind of plan that I have been outlining for months which is we will defeat them on the ground using our air power, equipping and training and supporting fighters. We will drive them out of Iraq, drive them out of their stronghold in Syria. We are going to intensify cooperation among those nations that have a direct stake which I would argue is just about every nation right now. We are going to take them on online and we are going to intensify our intelligence and law enforcement cooperation.”

In other words, she will do exactly the same thing Obama has done which has failed miserably. ISIS has spread throughout the world like a Zika virus.

On the same day, Robert Gates said he wasn’t even sure there was any planning after they attacked Libya. The illegal war in Libya was Hillary’s baby.

As Democrat Woolsey said, they’re jihadis, not ‘violent extremists’.

Trump fired back!

“The fact that Hillary thinks the temporary Muslim ban, which she calls the ‘Muslim ban’, promotes terrorism, proves Bernie Sanders was correct when he said she is not qualified to be President,” Trump shot back.

“Look at the carnage all over the world including the World Trade Center, San Bernardino, Paris, the USS Cole, Brussels and an unlimited number of other places. She and our totally ignorant President won’t even use the term Radical Islamic Terrorism,” Trump’s statement continued.

“And by the way, ask Hillary who blew up the plane last night – another terrible, but preventable tragedy. She has bad judgment and is unfit to serve as President at this delicate and difficult time in our country’s history.” the statement said, referring to the downing of the Egypt Air flight on Wednesday.

On Morning Joe, he said Hillary has “horrible judgement.” One example, he said is Libya. ISIS has their oil and she thinks she did a great job.

He talked about how we made Iran a power with Russia on their side. We are supposed to fight Iran, Russia and ISIS, but he won’t do that. He will go after ISIS.