Hillary’s Ready to Serve With Her Traveling Physician, a Bunch of Meds, Fake Test Results


The nearly-69 year old Hillary Clinton released a letter from her doctor which gives more details about her recent illness and surgery on an ear condition prior to that.

She’s in great shape for a 68-year old on a bunch of meds and having strange medical episodes who also needs a personal physician to travel around with her as her camp announced. The physician is just “precautionary”, it was announced, “in case she falls.”

Don’t all people on blood thinners walk around with personal physicians because they might fall?

Don’t worry, she’s ready to serve.

She will ‘power through’ on the campaign trail Thursday.

This release doesn’t change a thing because the problem is she lied and no one can believe a thing she or her minion doctor says.

She’s on a bunch of meds:

  • Armor Thyroid (for hypothyroidism)
  • Coumadin (blood thinner)
  • Levaquin (antibiotic) for 10 days
  • Clarinex (antihistamine for allergies)
  •  B12

Her doctor said she’s had surgery on her sinuses after a persistent infection – they put a drain in. Then she had a CT brain scan to look for brain damage, and after that she is said to have contracted “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia”, which doesn’t exist.

Obama’s distant cousin, a board-certified radiologist, Dr. Milton Wolf, says there is no such thing as “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.”

Oops, oops, Hillary did so well that she even had a perfect score on a non-existent test.

There is no such thing as a CTA calcium score study either.

Dr. Wolf reports that her signs were neurological.

We also know from one of her fans, Sheldon Whitehouse, that her health is so bad she could “barely climb podium steps.”


Dr. Lisa Bardack’s letter in linked below. It only deals with recent issues, and it doesn’t do it well, it’s certainly no medical report of any significance. Hillary’s visible problems have been going on for years and most noticeably since earlier this year.

Hillary Clinton’s Physician Letter by on Scribd