Hillary’s Really Chilling Plan for Our Police



Law enforcement officers risk their lives every day they are on the job but it’s not the police who Hillary Clinton is concerned about. They are her targets and it’s the gangbangers she wants to protect. She blames the police for the large numbers of crimes committed by a small number of minority youth gangs. That’s not to say police don’t make mistakes.

Hillary has gone full-blown Black Lives Matter.

Sunday was Hillary’s day to travel from black church to black church in New York telling the congregations that police must be retrained. She is on the ‘police reform’ mantra beyond the point of pandering.

She was endorsed Sunday by Nicole Bell, wife of Sean Bell, a man who was killed by the NYPD in 2005. No officers were found guilty of any wrongdoing in the incident.

“Today, I was endorsed by this beautiful young woman, Nicole Bell, whose fiancé was killed by the police right before she was to be married. When I was a Senator, I tried to help. I tried to stand up about what had happened,” the former secretary of state said at the Brown Memorial Baptist Church in Clinton Hill, NY.

She actually did nothing as a senator except name some post offices but that is for another article.

Clinton added, “today she [Nicole Bell] wrote an editorial in The Daily News endorsing me and she said we have three common goals, she and I together, we have to end the epidemic of gun violence.”

Bell actually did an interview, not an op-ed, with The New York Daily News in which she said, “[Hillary’s] against racial profiling. And she wants to make investments to improve training for police officers. Those issues hit home for me and my family.”

Hillary repeated those exact words during her travels, “We have to end racial profiling and we have to retrain our police officers so they can do a job that doesn’t require reaching for their gun when it is absolutely unnecessary.”

In other words, she’s repeating the line that it’s all the fault of police, not the gangbangers luring the youth and killing people with drugs and guns.

“I feel so strongly that when you have 90 people a day dying of gun violence,” she continued using a misleading statistic, “33,000 people a year, when gun deaths are the number one cause of death for African-American men, more than the next nine causes put together.”

She’s incapable of telling the truth about anything.

Statistics don’t support a word she said.

The facts:

  • In 2013, blacks committed 5,375 murders in America; whites committed 4,396. Whites comprise 63 percent of the population; blacks 13 percent. So, anyone — anyone thinking clearly can see that the homicide rate among blacks way out of proportion thus, the police intrusion into black precincts. Since, in a whopping 90 percent of black homicides, the dead person is another black or the offender himself.
  • 99.9 percent of all police arrests do not result in a fatality.
  • In the past 50 years, the rate of black Americans killed by police has dropped 70 percent. In 2012, 123 African- Americans were shot dead by police. There are currently more than 43 million blacks living in the U.S.A. Same year, 326 whites were killed by police bullets. Those are the latest stats available.

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Source: Daily Caller