Hillary’s Security Violations Are Much Worse Than We Thought


Hillary Clinton did more than put her emails on an unsecured personal server in a bathroom closet. Stuart Varney says that “Less than a month after becoming Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s team tried to change the existing security protocols so she could use her personal blackberry in secure facilities for classified information.” Varney asked former UN Ambassador John Bolton on his Fox Business show, “Is this okay, security-wise, to try to change those protocols?”

Ambassador Bolton said “Absolutely not.


Don’t get too excited, she’s very confident she won’t face indictment and Obama is telling Democrats to rally around her. Even worse, if she does by some fluke get indicted, Elizabeth Warren, a radical socialist, is waiting in the wings.

The former UN ambassador continued:

“I’ve been through this all the years I’ve been at the State Department and in fact I am afraid that the email controversy is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Secretary Clinton’s security violations.”

“Foreign intelligence services can take the phone in your pocket, can take a laptop, or an iPad that has a microphone in it, can get into your unit, they can turn that microphone into a transmitter to them, they can listen to every conversation you have.”

“That’s why when you go into a secure facility, you take your phone out of your pocket and put it in a metal box, so that if somebody does have control, they can’t listen to what’s being said. The extraordinarily sensitive things being said inside the classified facility.”

“But honestly, with the Secretary of State,” Bolton says, “it goes well beyond that. If the phone in her pocketbook is transmitting everything she says, this is a goldmine for an adversary foreign power. That’s why I say the email may simply be the tip of the iceberg.”

Hillary, as Varney said, wanted to change the protocols so she could have secret information on her Blackberry or smart phone and then take it into the State Department and use it for communication.

That makes it very easily hacked.

So much for her not receiving or sending classified emails because they weren’t classified at the time. She plotted to do exactly that on her phone while traveling around.

She’s not only a liar, she is the stupidest woman to ever hold a high office.

If you haven’t seen Trump’s Instagram ad, many find it funny, click on the link.


  1. Hillary is the most disgusting human being on this planet besides Soros and Obama! I don’t want a Looney Tune for my President. She is a risk to our countries security and always has been. She is not worthy of holding the most prestigious office in our country and should be eliminated from the running for Presidency. No one should accept her as President of the United States under any conditions.

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