Hillary’s Starting to Look Like “Oz” in a Pantsuit



This whole business of Hillary Clinton enjoying the luxury of making unchallenged pronouncements from behind her seemingly impenetrable curtain reminds us of that classic movie, the Wizard of Oz. The analogy becomes clearer if we view truth seekers, Dorothy, The Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion as our media, in hot, relentless pursuit of an audience with the “great and powerful Oz”.

If you look at the subjects living in that mythical kingdom as Clinton supporters, the similarities become even stronger. Remember, Oz was a leader so adored by his subjects, they blindly believed only he was capable of solving their problems. Sound familiar?

It gets better. Oz, fearful of meeting all four of his dogged pursuers at once, chose to meet them separately, and only at a venue of his choosing. There he presented himself in a completely different form to each. While none of the characters, which included a giant head, beautiful fairy, ball of fire, and horrible monster, offered an impromptu, Hillary-like southern drawl, you get the picture.

Continuing down our metaphorical Yellow Brick Road we can begin to see signs that Mrs. Clinton’s lore may be unraveling in ways similar to myths that surrounded the “Wizard”. A media, forced to become increasingly skeptical by a seemingly endless run of scandalous stories attached to Hillary Clinton Scandal Tracker, are actually making demands for direct access to the woman who would be leader, not of a make believe monarchy, but of the Free World. Hillary Clintons problems just got a whole lot worse.

Do you remember what happened when an increasingly agitated, Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion were all finally able to confront Oz? He began by belittling them with, “Do you presume to criticize the Great Oz!? You ungrateful creatures….” Then came the unmasking. Dorothy’s dog, Toto, pulled back a curtain hiding Emerald City’s all powerful “Wizard”. The big phony was seen managing instruments of illusion he created, for the sole purpose of manipulating a clueless population.

My goodness this analogy continues apace!

Our intrepid quartet then “outed” the Great and Powerful Oz as nothing more than a simple conman/magician/circus performer who used hocus-pocus generated deception to control his gullible subjects. This is too easy.

In the end Dorothy and her crew helped the old fraud into his hot air balloon and sent him on his way home. Is it too much to hope that life can imitate art? Any place for a hot air balloon to land in Chappaqua, New York?


  1. Interesting analogy, Jim…. the Wizard (Hillary) is trying desperately to hide the truth from the “truth seekers” (our media.) The problem is that the truth seekers have long ago forgotten how to find the truth, and they certainly couldn’t handle it if they did. Can you imagine any Republican presidential candidate telling the press that their speech will be considered as the press conference and no questions will be allowed, and then conduct their campaign in that manner on a continuing basis? No questions about Benghazi….none about the now infamous Clinton Foundation (a “charity” wherein only about 15% of the proceeds go to actually help people and 85% is operating expenses and obvious quid pro quo favors go to many of the donors, both foreign and domestic), none about what little she may have accomplished, if anything, while acting as Secretary of State, none about her decision to have her emails, both private and governmental, on her private servers at her home in Chappaqua, NY and then to erase the vast majority of this possibly criminalizing data, none about her chief of staff being a Muslim whose mother is an official of the Muslim Brotherhood, and on and on. That Republican would certainly be sliced and diced by the “truth seekers” so badly that he or she would be banished forever to Oz, never to be heard from again.

  2. Dorothy finally wakes up. We can only hope that the voters will wake up the delusional Hillary from her utopia and that the Clinton Crime Family will find their way to the big house and not the White House.

  3. My wife and I were in stitches. It was a nervous release moment. We know it is a conceptual reality but with it a very core message of pointed truth. I hope our citizen voters see Hillary’s vast shortcomings, misdirection and diversions.

  4. The abuses of the American people by such grandeur, arrogance and condescension have only begun. I will never look at the Wizard of Oz in the same way after the comparison.

  5. shrillary is the “lizard of is”. extend the metaphor and you will find she has no brain, heart, or courage and desperately wants to return home(to 1600)!

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