Hill’s Sheepeople Can’t Name 1 of Her Accomplishments



Folks in chic, downtown Huntington, Long Island were treated to a visit from Hillary Clinton this past Wednesday. The former First Lady was signing copies of her badly under-performing, 635 page tome, Hard Choices. While the festivities didn’t kick off until 6 PM, some of her more devoted fans began buying books at 9 A.M.

In the afternoon, members of various conservative groups began collecting across from the former U.S. Senator’s crowd. They carried Gadsden Flags, American Flags, signs, and about 60 wore gloves painted red. Those blood shaded gloves, along with many of the placards, were meant to remind onlookers of the 4 Americans murdered, under Clinton’s watch, in Benghazi. Hands held up were a powerful, symbolic display; in as much as saying “Hillary has Benghazi blood on her hands.”

Given all that was going on, it seems odd that what may have been the most memorable image of the day was the never ending look of disbelief on the faces of former Secretary of State Clinton’s “believers”, when first encountering the protesters. Initially, it may have been just the shock and bewilderment of seeing their icon being robustly and rather easily deflated. But as the slowly moving line exposed more “Hillarettes” to the demonstrators, something (even more troubling for them) became very, very clear. None could answer the oft repeated, simple question, “Can you name just one of Hillary’s accomplishments?”

Blank stares, mixed with looks of incredulity and discomfort characterized the non response/responses. It was as if the thought of judging Hillary’s 3 decades in our public eye, based solely on specific, meaningful achievements, never entered their “collective” minds. Later, quotes in the newspaper and local TV station attributed to Mrs. Clinton’s cheery apostles highlighted this lack of depth. Buzzword descriptors such as “courageous”, “strong”, “smart”, “inspiration and a role model” were being easily tossed about by the same people who, given tons of time, couldn’t name a single one of Hill’s triumphs. Nothing from her extended stints in positions of power as First Lady, U.S. Senator, or Secretary of State.

One would have assumed those slavish cheerleaders, over say a latte and croissant, might have used some of the long hours waiting to see Hillary, to read her memoir. You’d have thought somewhere in those 600 pages they could have found a single, shining, historically relevant policy triumph. That they couldn’t or just weren’t interested, tells an awful lot about both Hillary Clinton and her “sheepeople” followers.