Hip, Funny, Conservative, Rob Astorino Can Beat Cuomo



There are likely 6 things you’ll notice if you attend a Rob Astorino Town Hall Meeting:

1)    Whenever possible, the room is arranged in such a way ( i.e. “in the round”or “half round”), so everyone has excellent access to this Westchester County Executive.

2)    Rob is probably under 5’6” tall and speaks fluid Spanish.

3)    The venue is packed with people, who like the candidate himself, are genuinely excited & happy to be there.

4)    Astorino is quick on his feet, extremely affable and knowledgable.

5)    He’ll enthusiastically take unscripted audience questions, many times for close to an hour.

6)    Conservative Republican, Rob Astorino is hip and very funny.

If the latter mentioned characterization of a NYS GOP gubernatorial candidate seems just too unbelievable, we’d urge you to please check out the highly entertaining “Bad Astorino” Parody video. Rob and his sharp, young team put this really funny, self effacing bit of satire together for the New York Press Dinner.

If you’ve taken the eight and one half minutes to watch this send up you’ll have a better idea why people who have gotten to know Astorino, and are familiar with his history of winning “un-winnable” races, believe he can beat an increasingly scandalized Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The attached short clip is important, not just because it demonstrates a candidate for high public office can honestly laugh at himself, but because it shows Astorino successfully, almost easily, debunking a biased media characterization of all conservative Republicans as being humorless, aloof and solely the spokesmen for rich white guys.

Rob Astorino continues puncturing the unflattering and often untrue stereotype by:

1)    Being re-elected by double digits in one of the most “diverse” counties in New York State….where voter registration is over 2-1 Democrat.

2)    Happily holding numerous town halls that include attendees of all races &ethnicities.

3)    Picking a conservative African-American, Christopher Moss, who happens to be president of New York State Sheriff’s Association, as his running mate.

4)    Quickly using a hilarious Jon Stewart clip to lampoon his Democrat opponent.  THE DAILY SHOW

5)    Presenting himself as a genuinely gracious, humble, smart, highly successful public servant, with a great sense of humor.


Check him out. Chances of hip, funny, conservative Rob Astorino beating a damaged Andrew Cuomo seem to be growing by the day.