His Imperiousness, Barack Obama, Cancels Federal Immigration Enforcement In Arizona


A Constitution should be short and obscure.
~ Napoleon Bonaparte (& Barack Hussein Obama)

It’s official. We have open borders thanks to our lawless president.

Within hours of the Supreme Court ruling upholding Section IIb of Arizona law SB 1070, President Obama canceled the federal and local partnership to make immigration-based arrests in Arizona.

Fox News: …Federal officials said the program known as 287(g) would be immediately suspended. That program was a partnership between federal and local governments, and allowed local authorities to make immigration-based arrests [meaning that even if local police step up immigration checks, they’ll have to rely on federal officials to make the arrests].

I am not a lawyer but I doubt it is legal to selectively choose the state you will or will not work with when enforcing the law, especially if it is done to buy votes.

The government is going to pick-and-choose what they respond to when it comes to Arizona –

Officials also said Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be selective in responding to the expected increase in calls from Arizona and other police agencies about immigration status of people they pull over. Officials said ICE will not respond to the scene unless the person in question meets certain criteria — such as being wanted for a felony. [Fox News]

Anyone who is injured or dies at the hands of an illegal immigrant in Arizona must sue the federal government because they are refusing to enforce the law. The problem isn’t the federal law itself. The problem is their refusal to enforce the law as written.

My 21 year old cousin was kidnapped by illegals in Phoenix. She was made to go from ATM to ATM, withdrawing money from her accounts. She was blindfolded and taken back to their lair. She memorized the turns and the noises she heard as they drove. After several hours, they released her. She was able to retrace the drive and brought the police to their hovel. She is still in therapy but she’s alive.

It is no joking matter. People who come into this country must be screened. We are a country and a country must have borders. A country without borders is no country at all.

I do hope the Republicans, especially John Boehner and Mitt Romney, respond decisively to this. Romney must come up with a program of his own which deals with the illegal immigration issue.

God bless Arizona and Jan Brewer. They are not giving up. In the following video, Sheriff Dever said that if ICE wouldn’t do their job, then Dever and his crew will take the illegals and dump them on their doorstep (at 6:10)