Hizbollah & the U.S. Sound Alike


Hizbollah and the United States are in perfect agreement on how to deal with Iran.

Compare the following quotes –

The first is from Hizbollah Deputy Chief Sheikh Naim Qassem. “America knows that if there is a war on Iran, this means that the whole region will be set alight, with no limit to the fires,” Qassem told Reuters. Israel will also likely try to drag a reluctant United States into confrontation with Tehran, Hizbollah’s deputy chief said.

On February 29th, White House spokesman Jay Carney said something similar in warning against an attack on Iran. “Any military action in that region threatens greater instability in the region,” he, adding that Americans could be affected in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Iran “borders both Afghanistan and Iraq”, Carney noted. “We have civilian personnel in Iraq. We have military personnel as well as civilians in Afghanistan.”

Hizbollah speaks and the words come out of Carney’s mouth.

This is all in preparation for Netanyahu’s visit. President Obama wants more time for diplomacy and sanctions to work.

It might be helpful if Obama didn’t sound like Hizbollah when he addresses the situation.

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