Hobby Lobby Irony= Laughable Left Wing Lunacy & Lying


Hobby Lobby’s victory for religious freedom has so many delicious elements it’s tough to know where to begin. There are the predictable upheavals of dread and dismay from the left, followed by equally predictable, supporting misreporting from their handmaidens in the media. But to really savor all this, it’s best to begin by reviewing some history and finding the irony.


The legal twists and turns that brought us to this 2014 Supreme Court Case began in the early 1990’s. Native Americans, after being told they couldn’t use the hallucinogen peyote as part of their religious ceremonies, looked for relief in the courts. They were denied, with the majority decision written by none other than originalist justice, Antonin Scalia. The dissing of that plaintiff’s culture was apparently way too much for a Democrat controlled legislature and their president. So, knowing Scalia based his ruling on the statutes available to him, it was decided a new law was needed.

Twenty one years ago, Congress hastily wrote and President Bill Clinton happily signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It was supported by virtually every member in both houses. The aim of RFRA was to broaden the protections of religious freedom. The law demanded government show it had a compelling interest in limiting a liberty and would use the least restrictive means possible to achieve that end.   Hobby Lobby refusing to cover 4 drugs they believed to be abortion inducing, was facing fines up to $475 million a year.The Supremes decided the Feds proved no compelling interest and that nearly a half trillion dollars in penalties was, “a substantial burden”. The vote should have been 9-0.

Immediately after the decision the “Boo-ho Chorus” of laughable, left wing liars and lunies stepped forward claiming women were at great risk and….heartless Republicans were back at “war” with the fairer sex. Here are several brief comments reviewing some of the irony, hilarity, lunacy, and above all else, lying surrounding the left’s reaction to the Hobby Lobby decision:

Hillary Clinton found the decision, “deeply disturbing”, and falsely claimed Hobby Lobby was “denying the right to contraceptives”. Her hubby, serial womanizer, and feminist icon, took great credit for the the 1993 law “back in the day”. Today, simply by having an extraordinarily thin sliver of female employees pick up the tab for abortion inducing drugs, Bill’s statute is responsible for protecting the religious liberty of Hobby Lobby’s devout Christian owners.

Harry Reid said/lied, “Since the Supreme Court will not protect women’s access to health care, then Democrats will.” Demonstrating a frightening lack of both intellect and creativity, Sen. Patty Murray sunk to plagiarizing a mumbling, stumbling Harry Reid saying, “Since the Supreme Court decided it will not protect women’s access to health care, I will.” How odd that when Harry and Patty voted “Yes” in ’93 they raised absolutely no concerns over the effects unregulated peyote might have on the bodies of Native Americans, but today are wringing their wrinkled little hands over completely bogus claims women are losing access to health care.

Hobby Lobby’s insurance plan covers 16 of the 20 “contraceptive” drugs unilaterally mandated by Kathleen Sebelius. The only ones not included are abortifacients. Given that number of “free” birth control choices, only ideologues, blinded to the truth and driven by their agenda, would demand female employees, who still managed to get pregnant, be able to force a closely held Christian company to violate their faith and, either pay to terminate the pregnancies, or cough up $475 million in fines. The Supreme Court got it right.

Thanks go out to Bill Clinton, Antonin Scalia twice, Harry Reid, Patty Murray, and hundreds of their fellow Democrats, who back in 1993 made this decision to uphold Religious Freedom possible. And, most of all, God’s blessings on those Native Americans. We hope they’re happy and healthy, and enjoying their religious liberties which, given this decision, they’ve paid forward.

One final irony. Perhaps those same tribes could do a solid for all those frenzied lefties and hook them up with some peyote. The US Dispensatory claims it can be used to treat hysteria. No medical cure for lying yet. One out of two ain’t bad.