Hogg Calls for Boycott of Florida and Everyone Who Opposes Him


Useful student activist David Hogg has called for tourists to boycott the entire state of Florida during spring break until we see gun control. He wants businesses to suffer for his leftist agenda. He told people to go to Puerto Rico.

Who is this jerk to call for unAmerican boycotts until people do as he says?

He is a Parkland student who is being elevated to a leadership position of the leftist youth movement. Twitter is protecting him and the other “leaders”. They’re untouchable. People have complained of being banned if they criticize him.

Twitter Is Protecting the Boycott Bully

Twitter commissars are using every tool at their disposal to weed out all dissent.

Twitter certified him immediately. That never happens.

After those tweets came out, Hogg launched his twitter boycott rampage on companies that have a relationship with the NRA. Hogg’s an Internet bully, a leftist Brownshirt. He’s after Marco Rubio, lauding Emma Gonzalez as one “who showed up to save the world.”

Hogg retweeted – or someone who is managing his account – a link to Head Count which explains how 16 and 17-year olds can register to vote. They are subtly encouraging youth to vote illegally. In the least, they want them to register to vote for their leftist army to ban guns and all of our freedoms.

Watch him promote the hard-left boycott of Florida.


  1. I posted a picture of him HOGG in Redondo Beach last Aug 2017 & Feb 2018 in FL.. FB REMOVED my post & pit me in FB jail 3 days. reposted it 3x fresh out today

  2. But did Twitter ban those who attacked Mr Pollack Because of his Trump shirt.

    Does Twitter ban those who make actual threats of death.

  3. Even though the human brain isn’t fully developed until around the age of 25, teen Hogg has spoken; he’s had 17 loooooong years of life & worldly experiences; and he’s a true know-it-all on America’s best interests (sarc)!!! Go to Puerto Rico on vacation?!

  4. Meanwhile: Record Numbers Flock To Florida Gun Show After Shooting; Organizers say almost 7,000 people attended on Saturday, with Sunday’s tally expected to be higher. Organizer Steve Fernandez said they’ve never seen such a large crowd,

  5. TWITTER SUCKS! I no longer use it. I suggest that all conscientious users who value freedom of speech abandon Twitter. Twitter is just another tool of the liberal agenda. All they want is you attention.

  6. Great, let’s punish us mom and pop businesses in FL that are relying on spring breakers to put them in the Black this year. Thanks a lot kid!

  7. grow a pair of balls you frickin whiney coward. i don’t care if your twit-ter bans me because i might hurt your fucking feelings. you want to be a liberal spokesperson you better tuck your pubies in and wait a few yrs when you know WTF you’re talking about! #wannabeamansobad

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