Hogg Tells Public to “Take Care” of FedEx, Any Companies Supporting NRA


During an endless interview with Joy Reid on her MSNBC show Sunday, David Hogg spouted anti-gun, anti-Republican talking point after talking point. He has joined the Clinton-Soros hard-left Think Progress in demanding FedEx be targeted by the many trolls and networked leftists.

He looked into the cameras and told the public to “take care” of companies that offer discounts to NRA members:

“FedEx still has not dropped their deal with the NRA. The CEO is one of the biggest donors to the NRA. And we have to take care of them. And as a result, if they aren’t going to, we’re going to have to take action as the consumers. Because we have the power in a business, just like we have the power in our democracy.” [It’s a Republic kid.]

He claims he is non-partisan which is a bit absurd since he’s teaming up with the far-left to gut our 2nd Amendment. He continually blames the NRA, Republicans and Donald Trump for the actions of a killer and for the incompetence of the FBI, the police, and the social service agencies. His family certainly could have done more – like file charges when he held a gun to their heads.

Hogg is the son of a retired FBI agent and a school teacher. He founded “Never Again MSD” and laced into “disgusting” former Sheriff David Clarke for saying George Soros’s hands are all over this and his group. If Hogg doesn’t want that narrative out there, he might want to stop mimicking George Soros’s Think Progress’ activities. He might also consider looking more natural during his performances.

Sheriff Clarke is attacked because he called out the young journalist-student. No one can criticize their useful students but they can attack students who support the 2nd Amendment as they did in the case of Colton Haab.

Hogg The Rehearsed

The video of CNN rehearsing him has disappeared from the Internet. Lucian Wintrich of The Gateway Pundit has one up and I have one as well. CNN had them taken down.

YouTube scratched Wintrich’s video and framed the truth as a personal attack. How can it be an attack when it’s the truth with no editorializing?


  1. It’s widely available on Bitchute

    I couldn’t find again another video in which he’s speaking on camera to someone and it was clear that he was reading from something and occasionally look up at the camera. You can tell it when the person’s eyes scroll back and forth while reading. It was a compilation video about 10 minutes long.

  2. Ok David Hogg, on CNN you said the NRA “are child murderers” now at the end of your Joy Reid interview you say 99.9% of NRA members are amazing americans, and you understand what they are standing up for, but are, being misrepresented by the NRA, you claim the NRA is working for the gun manufacturers, you claim the more violence you create,and people get afraid so the more guns you sell and the more guns you sell the more violence you created, and that’s what the NRA is about, selling guns, get lost you little ignorant PUKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The difference between me and my generation in comparison to Hogg is, I was in the military right after MY 17th birthday. His generation is all about being “famous”. Be careful when you get too famous as it tends to backfire. People will take only so much self-aggrandizement.

  4. It may already be backfiring. People are renewing their lapsed memberships, gaining new members and many are choosing lifetime membership. I think I like the lifetime membership. You get a real nice leather jacket. I was wanting a lighter one. I already have a very heavy one and a full length trench coat so this will do nicely.


  5. Do they have “teachers” at Hogg’s school. He wants to boycott Amazon and go with Ebay because they use “USPS, a government corporation”.

    He probably believes the “Federal” Reserve is ALSO a government corporation.

  6. “useful students”, clever word play there and of course accurate 🙂

    Don’t trust the NRA but I will support companies that support our rights. The 2nd is there for a time like we seem to be heading for.

  7. Well today on CNN’s Brian Seltzer’s UN-Reliable sources he had on non other then UN-Educated David Hogg, wow, today he tore into Dana Loesch saying she was the CEO of the NRA, Seltzer had to correct him saying she’s a NRA spokesperson, uh yeah spokesperson, Hogg said, she doesn’t represent NRA members, she’s nothing but a salesman for gun manufacturers, Seltzer asked about the conspiracy theories on facebook and twitter of him being a crisis actor and should facebook, twitter block them, Hogg said no, its great advertising, he loves it, his twitter account has exploded with followers, he wants to keep the movement going, says the followers on twitter and the movement will outlive the people that deny something has to people done, politicians are being paid by the NRA to not do anything on gun control…..I would love to see this punk go one on one with Dana Loesch or john Lott in a debate about firearms and what the NRA is about, he would get a much needed education, CNN/MSNBC quit putting this idiot on,your not doing him any favors !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not a amazing at all, he’s the meme. Basic marketing. When you think of him you think of the massacred Parkland students and how awful that was. Then you automatically buy in to what his solution to the problem would be, even though a minute of extra thought would tell you that he is not a security expert, just a high school kid that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      He’s a photogenic kid that was raised most likely by a couple of leftists that the left knew about and rolled him out when the time was right.

  8. “Great Advertising??”

    I’m beginning to think THIS kid has mental issues. There’s something abnormal about anyone who wants THIS much attention. Maybe because his father neglected him since he DID say he worked 24/7 365 days at the FBI.

    And he wants Florida boycotted. He may not be realizing the unintended consequences of pursuing such actions. Will the many businesses stand for Their livelihood being devastated. The more he talks the more he sounds like the ‘radical left’ without any real empathy. He certainly hasn’t shown any from the very beginning in all his interviews. His only concern is when HIS motivations are in question.

  9. One particular student, Kyle Kashuv, was on Fox and sounded much more impassioned with concerns of solving the issue. It would be informative, to say the least, if Kashuv and Hogg were on together to discuss the issue.

    Interestingly, a clip of Hogg says he wants to “WAIT’ for the investigation when it comes to the Sheriff’s response, or rather, the lack thereof.

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