Hold Them Accountable on Election Day



by John Smyth

Let’s take a moment out of our 24/7 discussions of Ebola, ISIS, and the stock market gyrations, and be reminded that there is an election coming up in two short weeks. Whether you are outraged or satisfied with with our President and our incumbent congressman, maybe this year we should review their record and hold them accountable for the conditions our country is in. This election is just that important.

Amazingly, some voters are still blaming President Bush. Others are even claiming that President Obama has been quite successful. But the polls seem to show that the overwhelming majority of Americans are not only fed up with this Administration, but with Congress as well.

Every incumbent who voted for and supported many of the policies, regulations and appointments of this administration, must be held responsible for the results.

So, don’t resort to the blame game and it’s too late for excuses.

Saying that neither candidate is any good, or that your vote doesn’t matter won’t work either.

Make sure you vote. It’s that simple.

This is the record of the past six years. Don’t tell me your Congressman couldn’t do anything about it! Elect someone who will try!