Holder Has Joined the War on Fox With Murdoch In His Sights



Rupert Murdoch In Holder's Sights

The War of Fox continues with attempts being made by our DOJ to dismantle and destroy Rupert Murdoch’s enterprise. Despite ample evidence that almost every news organization in Britain engaged in some type of hacking, the long arm of the Chicago thug, Eric Holder, is attempting to bring Murdoch under U.S. prosecutorial jurisdiction for alleged bribery under the Corrupt Practices Act.

Such a prosecution exposes Murdoch and his executives to fines of tens of millions of dollars and serious jail time.

Holder is attempting to make a connection between the News of the World hacking scandal in Britain and activities at the U.S. based Sun newspaper with the Operation Elevden arrests. Many view it as a witch hunt.

…The latest Operation Elveden arrests sharply increase the danger to News Corporation of potential multimillion dollar fines by US authorities as part of the continuing investigation into alleged bribery of public officials under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

The eight arrests escalate the FCPA crisis for the company by extending the allegations of bribery from the News of the World to the Sun newspaper, and by broadening its scope from police officers to other public officials. An official from the Ministry of Defence and a member of the armed forces were also arrested for alleged corruption and “misconduct in a public office”.

The threat of prosecution under the FCPA constitutes the greatest danger of the phone-hacking scandal for Rupert Murdoch‘s media empire. It could expose the company to tens of millions of dollars in fines and the risk of imprisonment of its executive officers.

It would also bring the scandal to America, which is the financial heart of the global company. News Corporation’s headquarters are on Manhattan’s Sixth Avenue, which is why the company is susceptible to the FCPA, a law introduced in the 1970s to hold US-based companies accountable for acts of bribery and corruption abroad.

Mike Koehler, an expert in FCPA law at Butler university, said Saturday’s arrests marked an escalation in the risk of an FCPA prosecution. “This spreads the alleged bribery to a completely different newspaper, to a different segment of the company and to other public officials,” he said.

Eric Holder, the US attorney general, launched a preliminary investigation into News Corporation’s activities last July. The FBI is known to be involved in the investigation on both sides of the Atlantic…Read here: Guardian UK

It is amazing how Holder has the time to do this while destroying Swiss banks and covering up Fast & Furious.